Veena Malik and Yaana Gupta at the launch of a store in New Delhi

Shilpi Gupta and Rajeev Gupta planned the opening of their Studio 169 designer store and Fine dine lounge bar at Moments Mall in New Delhi in different style. It was like total Bollywood style where artist came in big limousine cars and dancers were dancing in cage made for them.

Yaana Gupta was the first Bollywood guest who came to the venue .She came in red gown and changed the dress after she liked one dress at the store. She was very happy to come for this event. Other guest who came for the event were Neeraj Soni, Vishal Saxena, Harsh Mayyar child artist of film I AM, Anamika singer who was seen after a long time after in party, Sachin Gupta new director and choreographer who planned the event with Shilpi and Rajeev Gupta.Veena Malik also came in red dress and she also changed her dress in blue gown at the store as the store different varieties of dresses. She met everyone at store and lounge bar and wished all the best to Shilpi Gupta owner of Studio 169 who was taking care of all the guest .The event went till vee hours.