Tough task master Mahesh Bhupati corners THE PITCH Contestants


BloombergUTV, India’s premier business news channel’s business reality show THE PITCH features Mahesh Bhupati, India’s ace tennis player and entrepreneur, as the icon judge in the fourth episode. THE PITCH is anchored by noted actor, Rahul Bose.


Mahesh, Founder and Managing Director – Globosport, set a task for the seven contestants and at the end will select the best and worst performer for the episode. The best performer gets PITCHED IN i.e. wins an immunity which protects him/her from elimination in the next round and the worst performer gets PITCHED OUT i.e. eliminated from the contest.


While the immunity factor makes the competition stiffer for the contestant, it also makes the judging process difficult for the icons since they have to leave one person out from the entire judging process.


What was the task given by Mahesh Bhupati, who survived the grilling, who was PITCHED IN and who was PITCHED OUT!!!!


There is just one way to find out