Sonam Kapoor reveals three L’Or Lumière make-up looks created by Namrata Soni


L’Oréal Paris unveiled its make-up collection for the Festival de Cannes 2014 – L’Or Lumière. The collection and the looks were unveiled by L’Oréal Paris’s brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor who perfectly embodies the glamour this festival exudes. Lighting up the Cannes red carpet this year as well, L’Oréal Paris India ambassadors will attend the event on the following dates:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will attend the event on 16th and 17th May
  • Freida Pinto will walk the Cannes red carpet on 17th and 18th May
  • Sonam Kapoor will be at the festival on 18th and 19th May

L'Or Lumiere Look by Loreal Paris - Reign in Red - Lifestyle L'Or Lumiere Look by Loreal Paris - Resplendent in Gold  - Closeup L'Oreal Paris beauty expert Namrata Soni, L'Oreal Paris brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor, L'Oreal Paris General Manager Manashi Guha L'Oreal Paris brand ambassaor Sonam Kapoor launching L'Or Lumiere L'Oreal Paris brand ambassaor Sonam Kapoor with L'Or Lumiere looks

The L’Or Lumière collection is inspired by the purest of the elements, ‘Gold’ and the coming of the spring season. To commemorate the launch of this collection, L’Oréal Paris Beauty Expert Namrata Sonihas created three looks inspired by this infusion of gold and exciting spring hues.

The L’Or Lumière range of products are an absolute must have for events that command grace and panache. Flaunting the Neo-gold trend, this collection includes Color Riche Moist Matte, a range of 12 irresistible shades of lipsticks, a twist up pen format eye liner, Super Liner Gelmatic, 2 stunning shades of nail colors called the Color Riche Le Vernis and an intense range of eye shadows available in 12 shades, Infallible Monos Eye Shadow.

Speaking about their vision behind creating the collection, Manashi Guha, General Manager – L’Oreal Paris said, “Cannes is an extremely inspiring platform and we are proud to showcase our beauty expertise through the L’Or Lumière range. In India, we love gold which flatters our skin tone well; we have used this insight to interpret this collection. The looks we have launched today exude glamour and we’re sure that all our ambassadors will look stunning on the red carpet.”

Speaking about the range and the exceptional looks, Sonam Kapoor said, “Every year I look forward to Cannes because of the exceptional makeup and looks that L’Oréal Paris launches. I am really excited about the L’Or Lumière collection as it embodies two of my favourite makeup trends – neo gold and brights! Namrata has done a fabulous job on the three looks and I’m quite excited to showcase these trends on a global platform.”

Namrata Soni, L’Oréal Paris Beauty Expert said, “L’Oreal Paris has always crafted products that accentuate the grace and elegance of the modern Indian women.  L’Or Lumière is a revelation in itself that takes the concept of style and beauty to a whole new level. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the looks using the L’Or Lumière collection. The products are a fine representation of glamour, elegance and will certainly heighten the allure of any look.”