Any Shootouts at the Shootout at Wadala Kick-off Party?



Bollywood film Shootout at Wadala has been in the news right from its mahurat launch. Be it the invitation hand-out fiasco or the more recent incident of John Abraham hurting himself in a fight sequence. Must say Ekta and Sanjay Gupta do have a passion for spice and their recent joint venture will surely continue to catch eye-balls till the time the film is ready for release.

Barely a fortnight since the film started shooting and Balaji Telefilms and White Feather Films kicked off their venture, “Shootout at Wadala” with a party held at Mumbai’s suburban nightspot Escobar.



The party was hosted by Mr Suresh Mehta and Mr Sanjay Gupta, the director of the film.

The party was attended by the cast of Shootout at Wadala namely John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Tushar Kapoor,Sonu Sood and the petite Kangana Ranaut.  Producer and head honcho of Balaji Telefilms, Ekta Kapoor was also present at the event.


With such an impressive star-cast and hot, burning subject and the whiz minds of Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Gupra one can’t just wait for the film to be complete.




Kangana Ranaut has definitely come a long way with her fashion style which clashed with her twangy accent. One did notice an improvement in Kangana’s English diction skills. Dressed almost like a show-stopper with an exclusive one-piece, Kangana will be seen in a typical Maharashtrian look and plays the love interest opposite John Abraham. Being the only female entity in this ‘male-to-order’ film, Kangana is sure she will stand out despite having played a Don’s love interest in her previous films.

Sonu Sood has no grouses over being a replacement actor for Vivek Oberoi who walked out of the film. It’s reported that Vivek wanted the director to flesh his role out more so he could stage a comeback at the box-office. Obviously Gupta refused. “When Sanjay narrated the script to me over a period of 3 hours, I was almost transported into the 70’s era. Having been a great fan of Sanjay Gupta’s films, I am sure he will do justice to all the character’s roles. And frankly I am not doing any special research for playing Dawood’s role since I am in safe hands with my director.”

And to end it off, Ekta Kapoor as usual was fashionably late and made an entry after the press conference had begun. Anil Kapoor did a paay laagu producerni-ji for her. Obviously Ekta has the knack of churning gold pots at the box-office with her recent hits. And Anil and the other star-cast definitely know which side of the bread needs to be buttered up. One can’t help but comment on the zillion coloured stone rings that adorn Ekta’s fingers with all the different coloured babaji ka dhaagas. Hope soon, one sees an engagement ring on the Czarina’s fingers too.


Shakti Kapoor’s son gets a launch pad.

Siddhanth Kapoor is the new kapoor on the block!

The son of actor Shakti kapoor, siddhanth plays a ‘sharp shooter’ in Sanjay Gupta’s forthcoming ‘shootout at wadala’.

Siddhanth’s debut role is a role with a lot of attitude. He plays a wicked character, a guy who cracks crazy funny jokes! Sources say the audience will see glimpses of his dad in his role .

Sanjay Gupta says ” According to me, he has a very good individual and independent identity of his own and so he deserves to be on the big screen. Plus he is a very talented and a good-looking boy.”