Short film review – Carbon – Rating 2 stars



Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents ‘Carbon’, short film directed by Maitreyi Bajpai and Ramiz Ilham Khan. Set in 2067, Carbon takes on a subject of prime national importance focusing on the prevailing environmental issues in Delhi.

The short features Jaccky Bhagnani’s who plays a character of a man with an artificial heart , Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of a man from Mars, Yashpal Sharma plays character of Oxygen smuggler and Prachi Desai plays role of Pari


Although the film boasts of an excellent subject and some eloquent dialogues, the film falls flat in its execution, weak direction, low-production values and mismanaged directorial story-telling style. The blame for this experience totally lies at the hands of the directors Maitreyi Bajpai and Ramiz Ilham Khan. One does agree that short films have low budgets but then Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films has showcased excellent films always.

Right from the styling for this futuristic film to the inventions, the directors seem to have had a lackadaisical approach to even projecting the 50 years ahead period with some originality. I strongly believe it is the onus of the director to ensure the product is superior no matter what the budget is allocated to the film.

Jaccky Bhagnani shines out as an actor, he is the scene-stealer here. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is wasted in his character. Prachi Desai passes off with ease, but her styling is so archaic.

You will be amazed to see the revolvers which have been used in the futuristic era, not to mention the water gallons which have been used. If Pari is a robot, then why does she need to wear an oxygen mask?

A wonderful concept which has been totally mismanaged by the directors! Watch it truly for the magic created by Jaccky Bhagnani. He’s one actor who has saved the film!

Acting review – Jaccky Bhagnani – Short film ‘Carbon’ Rating 4 stars


Jaccky Bhagnani has always been known as a producer’s son who has been launched by his father. On the acting front, it was his dancing that won him more accolades. Here he produces a film ‘Carbon’ which has been launched on the Royal Stags Long Short films YouTube channel.

One can’t help but notice the amazing transition in Jaccky as an actor. Not only has he matured and evolved but he has also held his mettle in the futuristic film. His restrained, self-contained and effective demeanor definitely makes it a must-watch. One also gets to see his chiseled body in one of the film scenes.

The actor-producer did confess that this venture didn’t have a business model in place and the intention was to give out a message about what we are in store for the future.

Great job, Jaccky…like they say….the best is yet to come. Thankfully, you have made a great beginning for the future. Maybe these are the kind of roles that will get you more accolades.

Watch Jaccky Bhagnani’s interview on the below mentioned link:

Bollywood film review – VIP-2 Lalkar Rating – 2 stars Entertaining in parts


By Aryeman

When you have a deadly combo of Dhanush and Kajol in the film, you are tempted to watch it. Somehow the film fails to impress you fully.

Dhanush is a joy to watch – he fights, he dances and one almost notices him going the Rajnikant way. The first half has some interesting moments which showcase Dhanush’s talent.

Kajol does stand out but her dubbing goes for a toss in some scenes. She is elaborately dressed-to-kill but the scenes do not give her character so much of a punch.

As usual, the second half drags a bit. The success, the winning and the ultimate patch-up in the climax are a let-down.

Overall, the film is a complete package for the masses. Somehow the combo does not have a volcanic effect!

Film Review – Shreelancer Rating – 4 stars (Must watch)


Low budget films always fail to evoke a thunderous response at the box-office. It’s only the word-of-mouth publicity which works in favour of the success of the film. Shreelancer is one such movie which needs to be appreciated for its treatment and the inspirational message at the end of the film.

Shreelancer – a must watch to bring the creative person out of YOU!

Shreelancer takes you through an interesting journey, well blended with stark naked locations which just zap you. The story-telling is effective, the acting flawless, the scenes have an amazing noveau touch which add brilliance to its narrative.

There’s not a moment of boredom which will sneak into your mind.

Writer Director Sandeep Mohan excels in every department with finesse. Every detail has been minutely looked into. A commendable job which should be applauded for sure!

Launch of KIPOS – Bandra’s brand New Greek themed eatery and bar.


The who’s who of Mumbai ​celebs ​made their way to Bandra for the launch of Kipos, Mumbai’s hottest new greek themed eat and drinkery today, amidst much celebration, fanfare and free flowing food and spirits!

Designed just like a beautiful garden in Greece, Kipos’ owner Naveen Prem played the perfect host to Bollywood stars, TV stars and Cricket stars alike! The star studded launch included popular faces such as cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Bollywood Actor Angad (of Ungli fame), Actress Isha Kopikkar with husband Timmy Narang, and TV actors such asShilpa & Apurva Agnihotri, Gaurav Chopra, Gurmeet & Debina Chaudry, Shama Sikander, Alex O’ Niel, Indraneil & Barkha Bisht, Mauli Ganguly, Designer Ravi Verma and many more!

(L to R) Kipos Owner Navin Prem with Ananyaa, Raju Gowda, Timmy Narang and Yuvraj Singh (L to R) Vishal, Rohit Khurana, Imam Siddique, Alex O Neil Ananya, Kipos Owner Naveen, Raju Gowda, Monisha, Debina, Gurmeet, Timmy Angad Bedi DSC_0007 DSC_0075 DSC_0176 Gurmeet Choudhary, Monisha and Debina Choudhary Indraneil Sen gupta and Barkha Bisht Juhi Parmar, Sachin Shroff and Monisha Mahesh Thakur and Naveen Prem at kipos witha friend Mauli Ganguly at Kipos Monisha, Barkha bisht, Rushad Rana and Mazhar Sayyed Owner Naveen Prem with Timmy Narang Rohit Verma hugs friend at Kipos Timmy Narang and Isha Koppikar Yuvraj Singh at Kipos 2 Yuvraj Singh at Kipos

The menu included popular

​Mediterranean cuisine, exotic​ bar food, amidst molecular cocktails and music that electrified the dance floor!


About Kipos:

True to its name, Kipos (Greek for garden) eat and drinkery paints a perfect picture of a place smitten by the uniqueness of picturesque Greece,  both in its food and feel. Join us as we journey through an inspired Greek menu with Mediterranean influences and strong molecular gastronomy elements,  adding charm not only to its dishes but also in spirit (s). Kipos as a restaurant space,  is an Island lost in time,  romanced by pristine white walls, flowers that adorn the  beautiful Santorini coastline under a starry sky,  all quietly tucked away amidst the bustling, vivacious suburb of Bandra.