Pooja Missra goes wild on Bigg Boss…shocking story


Pooja Missra, once again, makes life interesting for the inmates of the Bigg Boss household. A night before, she’s locked in the bathroom for almost three hours. This along with her ghastly reaction when asked, stuns the entire house. This leads to the house believing that she’s possessed.

In spite of her attempts to explain her behaviour to Amar, she gets no sympathy from him. Siddharth steps up and tries to reason with her but fails, so he tells her out of frustration that he will make sure that nobody in the house talks to her.

The contestants also see her violent streak when she slams the door on Siddharth’s face while he tries to pacify her. Siddharth loses his temper and the two get into a very nasty fight and he almost kicks her. The housemates intervene and with great difficulty try to calm down a furious Siddharth.




Earliest memories about Mumbai…

Memories would definitely be of the frequent swims on weekends at the Wellingdon Sports Club with family over akuri eggs, chicken sandwiches, and waffles with honey.

Best thing about Mumbaikars…

The never say die attitude of Mumbaikars with the 24/7 constant ‘on the go’ pulse of the city which not only makes it addictive to an action oriented person like me.

What I hate about Mumbai…

Undeniably the traffic snarls. The fact it takes hours to get from town to suburbs and vice versa. In fact I have over time found a very interesting solution to the same. I call it my ‘happy bubble’ wherein my car windows are rolled up with my a/c on full and my deck on eclectic lounge music and me? Well snuggled up on a tiny pillow catching up on my winks of beauty sleep.

One thing you’d like to change about Mumbai…

Undeniably the corruption and the power hungry attitude of authoritative people who don’t have a peaceful, clean or inspiring soul.

Yours most horrifying moment in the city…

When my cell phone was swiped off and my laptop was hacked into however I did not let it horrify me long as I lodged a prompt police complaint there after and the perpetrators were discovered.

When away from Mumbai…

I am mostly traveling abroad discovering unheard of, quaint islands, or chilling in Singapore spending time with Shaurya (my nephew) along with my sis and bro-in-law, or perhaps in Pune in my villa sprucing bonsais with my dad.

The expression I’ve picked up…

‘Changla Hai” as in will do!

To be successful in Mumbai…

You need to be a go-getter and be ready to earn your success to flaunt it.

Is Mumbai your home?

Well after I finished my junior school at Manchester. I have been pretty much embraced by the city as a Mumbaikar, so it has become home!

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