Acting review – Jaccky Bhagnani – Short film ‘Carbon’ Rating 4 stars


Jaccky Bhagnani has always been known as a producer’s son who has been launched by his father. On the acting front, it was his dancing that won him more accolades. Here he produces a film ‘Carbon’ which has been launched on the Royal Stags Long Short films YouTube channel.

One can’t help but notice the amazing transition in Jaccky as an actor. Not only has he matured and evolved but he has also held his mettle in the futuristic film. His restrained, self-contained and effective demeanor definitely makes it a must-watch. One also gets to see his chiseled body in one of the film scenes.

The actor-producer did confess that this venture didn’t have a business model in place and the intention was to give out a message about what we are in store for the future.

Great job, Jaccky…like they say….the best is yet to come. Thankfully, you have made a great beginning for the future. Maybe these are the kind of roles that will get you more accolades.

Watch Jaccky Bhagnani’s interview on the below mentioned link: