Bollywood film review – VIP-2 Lalkar Rating – 2 stars Entertaining in parts


By Aryeman

When you have a deadly combo of Dhanush and Kajol in the film, you are tempted to watch it. Somehow the film fails to impress you fully.

Dhanush is a joy to watch – he fights, he dances and one almost notices him going the Rajnikant way. The first half has some interesting moments which showcase Dhanush’s talent.

Kajol does stand out but her dubbing goes for a toss in some scenes. She is elaborately dressed-to-kill but the scenes do not give her character so much of a punch.

As usual, the second half drags a bit. The success, the winning and the ultimate patch-up in the climax are a let-down.

Overall, the film is a complete package for the masses. Somehow the combo does not have a volcanic effect!

Film Review – Shreelancer Rating – 4 stars (Must watch)


Low budget films always fail to evoke a thunderous response at the box-office. It’s only the word-of-mouth publicity which works in favour of the success of the film. Shreelancer is one such movie which needs to be appreciated for its treatment and the inspirational message at the end of the film.

Shreelancer – a must watch to bring the creative person out of YOU!

Shreelancer takes you through an interesting journey, well blended with stark naked locations which just zap you. The story-telling is effective, the acting flawless, the scenes have an amazing noveau touch which add brilliance to its narrative.

There’s not a moment of boredom which will sneak into your mind.

Writer Director Sandeep Mohan excels in every department with finesse. Every detail has been minutely looked into. A commendable job which should be applauded for sure!