#fame launches the Mumbai edition #famestars Live



~A ground meet up to evangelize the power of Live Video~

After the success of the Delhi edition of #famestarsLive, #fame- India’s No. 1 Live Video entertainment app launched its Mumbai edition.  The first meet-up held in Delhi spoke about how live videos are the next big platform in the digital medium. The Mumbai edition highlighted the growing power of LIVE video and how celebs & influencers are using LIVE video streaming to build their brands.

The interactive session had three panelists – Indian film and stage actress Radhika Apte, the internet star Gaurav Gera aka Chutki and the popular RJ from Fever 104, Ruchi along with 60 leading influencers across various verticals of the social media fraternity. The event was hosted by Ankit Vengurlekar, VP – Content, #fame.

While addressing the session, Saket Saurabh, CEO, #fame said, “We believe that live video is a huge inflection point for the digital space and as pioneers of this in India, we are committed to evangelising its power across stakeholders. #famestarsLive is a great platform for influencers to share their learnings and experiences.”

Highlighting the power of Live Video, panelist Radhika Apte said, “I remember while we were promoting ‘#Ahalya’ and it went viral on the social media. It was bizarre, my phone didn’t stop ringing. At that time I realised how powerful the digital medium is and how vast and expansive it could get. And today, there are so many ways to build your brand on the internet and interactivity in real time is the biggest advantage.”

Sharing his success mantra, Gaurav Gera who took the internet by a storm added, “I guess one should do what they like to do and what they believe in, like how I chose my forte, comedy. Hence, don’t try to ape someone and figure out who you are and go ahead with it.”

#famestar and RJ, Ruchi Gangrade said, “I believe there is a great amount of similarity between radio & #fame, they both are LIVE media platforms.  However, the only difference is that #fame facilitates real time response and interaction with the talent which serves as an add-on for the audience.”

With over one million downloads, over 21,000 unique Performers and more than 46,000+ live sessions of programming, #fame has emerged as India’s No.1 live video entertainment app.