SAB TV’s launch party for their new serials Chidiyaghar and RK Laxman ki Duniya



At SAB TV’s launch party, one got to watch the first episode of their new serials Chidiyaghar and RK Laxman ki Duniya with a live audience. SAB TV has always been a pioneer at launching soaps which have the common man as the protagonist with a healthy does of humour.

Entire star cast of Chidiyaghar

The entire star cast of both the serials were present.  The first episode of RK Laxman ki Duniya was a touching portrayal and depiction of the problems today’s common man is facing with inflation. The treatment to the serial is a poignant ones with real life characters which have always been a forte of RK Laxman’s cartoons.

Entire star cast of RK Laxman ki Duniya

Director JD Majethia looked dappy in his hat and it was nice catching up with serial director Raman Kumar after a long time. Raman Kumar is the Script Supervisor for the show.

One looks forward to some interesting shows from SAB TV which has carved a niche with its humour based shows unlike the other channels who are still hooked on to soaps which depict revenge / deceit and crimes.