Will Sana Khan star in Salman Khan’s next project?


Sana Khan’s bash for 100 days in Bigg B


Sana Khan celebrated and shared her beautiful memories attached at Big Boss House along with her new best Buddies Rajiv Paul, Delnaaz , Ashaka Goradia  at a suburban night  club ‘Shock’.

Party was hosted by her BFF Mrs Bharti and Mr Kapil Mehra. We spotted Simi Chandoke , Daler Mehendi’s son Gurdeep Mehendi, Rohit Bakhshi.Sana may not have won the title of BIG BOSS, she proves to  have made a place  in millions of hearts.

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What really stood out with our interaction with Sana was that she is a extremely positive about life and the friends she makes. “I made 3 good friends in Bigg Boss and Ashaka, Delnaaz and Rajiv all have come over to celebrate my first bash. As for working with Salman, I would comment on this only when everything is sealed. Till the time I don’t face the ‘lights, camera and action’, I think it would pre-mature for me to comment”.


The host Kapil Mehra quoted, “Sana khan is one of those contestants who did not have a mask on her face and this made her  a very strong contender, and wishes her luck for a brighter future”.

Pooja Missra goes wild on Bigg Boss…shocking story


Pooja Missra, once again, makes life interesting for the inmates of the Bigg Boss household. A night before, she’s locked in the bathroom for almost three hours. This along with her ghastly reaction when asked, stuns the entire house. This leads to the house believing that she’s possessed.

In spite of her attempts to explain her behaviour to Amar, she gets no sympathy from him. Siddharth steps up and tries to reason with her but fails, so he tells her out of frustration that he will make sure that nobody in the house talks to her.

The contestants also see her violent streak when she slams the door on Siddharth’s face while he tries to pacify her. Siddharth loses his temper and the two get into a very nasty fight and he almost kicks her. The housemates intervene and with great difficulty try to calm down a furious Siddharth.

Mumbai Meri Jaan – Pooja Bedi




How has Mumbai changed over the years?

Mumbai was far more liberal and tolerant earlier. Ever since we seem to have changed the name to Mumbai (in a bid to return to your roots), the whole fraternity seems to have gone back in time.  Going back to me is always very regressive. We should always think of moving ahead of the times.


Reason your statement as to why we have become regressive.

There is an over done emphasis on moral policing and trying to hold on to things. You have to see the nature and fabric of things in a society. Every city has its own distinct personality and the people who abound it evolve and change with regards to the city. As a booming city, Mumbai is poised for tumultuous growth and we should be surging forward. We need to think global and no longer be insular. I am not in favor of the divide and rule politics, which is rampant not just in Mumbai but also in, states acrossIndiatoo. This is utterly shameful for a city like Mumbai and not only does it take you 10 paces back but also put you down in the eyes of the world.


What deflates the spirit of the Mumbaikars?

The city goes up in fames when political leaders come and give inflammatory speeches. This leads to provoking their party workers who create chaos for the common man.


Your most horrifying moment about the city.

Recently we have been at the hands of lot of regressive moral policing. We have had to face the brunt with a lot of divide and rule politics. This has really saddened me as a citizen of Mumbai. The burning of (greeting) card shops during Valentine depicts a lack of respect of a citizen’s right to celebrate a day of love. It shows a complete fundamentalism and telling the city ‘don’t love’ and you are doing it through violence. Beating up couples (in love), bashing people on beaches or those sitting on rocks is sending out a message that you can’t be affectionate or be in love. Using violence to send out such a message is appalling and a denial of your basic democratic rights as a citizen.



What qualities do you need to be successful in Mumbai?

You need great PR skills. One needs to go out and network. Everyone is so warm and enveloping in every profession. If you manage your public relations effectively and have good interpersonal skills, you can work yourself up the ladder in a jiffy.

Where do you take you take your (international) friends when they visit Mumbai?

Oh, they see the works. I involve them right from experimenting with the traditional food (Gomantak cuisine to bhel puri), seeing Bollywood movies in Fame Adlabs or taking them tour Page 3 parties to show them our paparazzi. If they want to savor the local glamour flavor, I take them shopping from the high-end (local couture) stores of Mumbai to the streets of Bandra and evenFashion street. And of course, horse rides, clubbing – Mumbai is rocking with so much to experiment.









Earliest memories about Mumbai…

Memories would definitely be of the frequent swims on weekends at the Wellingdon Sports Club with family over akuri eggs, chicken sandwiches, and waffles with honey.

Best thing about Mumbaikars…

The never say die attitude of Mumbaikars with the 24/7 constant ‘on the go’ pulse of the city which not only makes it addictive to an action oriented person like me.

What I hate about Mumbai…

Undeniably the traffic snarls. The fact it takes hours to get from town to suburbs and vice versa. In fact I have over time found a very interesting solution to the same. I call it my ‘happy bubble’ wherein my car windows are rolled up with my a/c on full and my deck on eclectic lounge music and me? Well snuggled up on a tiny pillow catching up on my winks of beauty sleep.

One thing you’d like to change about Mumbai…

Undeniably the corruption and the power hungry attitude of authoritative people who don’t have a peaceful, clean or inspiring soul.

Yours most horrifying moment in the city…

When my cell phone was swiped off and my laptop was hacked into however I did not let it horrify me long as I lodged a prompt police complaint there after and the perpetrators were discovered.

When away from Mumbai…

I am mostly traveling abroad discovering unheard of, quaint islands, or chilling in Singapore spending time with Shaurya (my nephew) along with my sis and bro-in-law, or perhaps in Pune in my villa sprucing bonsais with my dad.

The expression I’ve picked up…

‘Changla Hai” as in will do!

To be successful in Mumbai…

You need to be a go-getter and be ready to earn your success to flaunt it.

Is Mumbai your home?

Well after I finished my junior school at Manchester. I have been pretty much embraced by the city as a Mumbaikar, so it has become home!

Bigg Boss Psycho Bitch Pooja Missra’s Hot, sexy bikini pics


Pooja Misrra under heavy attack in Bigg Boss!



Shakti Kapoor might be a villain in movies, but what the Bigg Boss Housemates are doing with Pooja Misrra, is making her seem ‘the villain of the House of Scandal’.


PM, as Pooja is often referred to, is under tremendous pressure as Bigg Boss hasn’t delivered one of her two bags containing her daily essentials, including most of her clothes, pictures of her deity, medicines and beauty utilities. Moreover, her leg has been injured since she entered the House.


Above all, she has been facing regular onslaughts from most of the contestants, especially Pooja Bedi, who has been repeatedly branding her “uncooperative” and “arrogant”. Bedi feels PM does a lot of “naatak” (drama), has “nakhre” (attitude) and a “mental problem”. According to her, Misrra “lacks positive attitude” and has “some imbalance” in her head.


So much has Bedi crusaded against PM by now, that even other contestants including Shakti Kapoor, Shonali Nagrani, Vida Samadzai, Mahek Chahal, Sonika Kaliraman Malik, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (though the last two have made a turnaround off late) and others have become prejudiced, while Misrra finds herself alienated and cornered.


“It is natural for Pooja Misrra to throw a fit and get upset in such circumstances,” analyses celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who is a specialist with Bigg Boss and its ways, having handled the publicity for maximum reality show celebrities including Shilpa Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra and Ashmit Patel.


“The pressure of living under one roof with 14 almost unknown people, with uneasy circumstances, unregulated timings, tiresome tasks and deliberately created difficult conditions is tremendous. Even the sanest of persons can shake up in such claustrophobic settings. But then, whether we like it or not, that’s what goes into the making of voyeuristic entertainment and higher TRPs and its what this reality show is all about” he adds.

Dolly Bindra’s Thanks giving party


There’s No Better Reason other Than It’s Party Time !

If its Dolly Bindra, the party has to be rocking. The party was thronged by her well-wishers and friends who rejoiced with her. Ali Reza ensured all have a good time and time to remember at Sheesha sky lounge.


Ali Reza and Dolly Bindra both the hosts were in a shade of white.



Arfeen and sara khan were the first to walk in and looked great together

Manish shah and Anil Mishra were present too.

Asif Bhamla and Baba Siddiqui  were there too



Dolly climbed the platform and opened the bottle of champagne in style and the sight was interesting


Poonam Pandey goes NUDE? Poonam Pandey In BIgg Boss?? Poonam Pandey Hot, sexy pics


By Soneya Sehgal


Poonam Pandey’s fame was with her outlandish statement of stripping in her birthday suit for the Indian cricketers if they won the Cup. All this was a pre-meditated affair from her publicist. Yes, it did catapult her into the fame zone and even got her an adventure  reality show. But when one saw her on this show, Poonam looked like a true ghatan and dehati babe.

She lacked the class of being a model. Ironically proves the fact that Photoshop can do wonders to someone. And even if she has chosen to pose in bikinis and sexy outfits, Poonam Pandey looks yuck. Now the grapevine is abuzz that she will be part of Bigg Boss which hits the small screen tomorrow. All said and done such media created wonders don’t last long in this industry. Poonam lacks the sizzle, the class and the oomph to make it in the glamour world. She may rake in some moolah with her bikini assignments and very private appearances but kya fayda…………unless you are not even an iota of the pics which you circulate.

After seeing her ordinary self on the adventure show, not many even want to see her strip. Well that’s me, frank, fearless and forthright in my viewpoints. Poonam Pandey stinks big time.

Bigg Boss ‘double Vaat’ thadkaa launch



At the launch of Bigg Boss yesterday at Mehboob Studio, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were in their true elements. Although Salman was extempore in hosting the event, one found Sanju baba lost at times with his lines. Both the stars surely knew how to pull Colors and Bigg Boss staff Ashwini’s leg on stage.

The event gave an insight into Bigg Boss’s new theme titled Double Vaat, primarily hinting at the 2 stars who will be hosting the show. Obviously the hidden agenda being that one expects more dhamaal this time to upsurge the TRPs from their earlier seasons. Sallu and Sanju did re-iterate that all the news about their so-called fight was media driven. They also poked fun at film director David Dhawan whom they would like to be in the Bigg Boss house in the last few weeks. Primarily coz they want him to lose some weight and the Bigg Boss contestant are low on their food allowance in the last stages of the show.

No info on the contestants was divulged but yes they did confess that there are bigger names involved this time. Salman will definitely rock the show since he is a true performer. However looking at Sanju’s poor performance, it is doubtful if he can garner more moolah with other shows after this.

Looking forward to the new season of Bigg Boss. Spice sells for sure and this show has made overnight stars of all the previous contestants in the earlier seasons.