It’s always a treat to be part of Amitabh Bachchan’s events. Not only is he a thorough punctually professional but his prolific, witty humour enthrals everyone. With Sony TV and the KBC team gracing and hosting the occasion to celebrate his 69th birthday, Amitabh was all charged up about the ratings for his KBC show. He admired the fact that the focus had shifted to the common man and elucidated that ‘no one is small in life, knowledge is supreme’.

Some quotes from Mr. Bachchan

“Abhishek did make time off from his Jaipur shoot to spend some hours with me on my birthday. His flight should have landed while I am here celebrating my birthday”.

“It is unfair for me to be wanting to relive the lives of any of the KBC contestants. In fact, it is endearing that they have lived their lives with so much struggle and are still smiling. It was an honour for us to get them in the hot seat”.

“Who am I to comment on which of the Bollywood actors who have sat on the hot seat are more intelligent from the others? All of them had their charms and IQ levels. Of course there have been moments when even I am not aware of the answers to the questions I ask on the show”.

“Shahrukh did apologize to me for being a host on the earlier KBC seasons. But it was all in good humour. There are various shades to the episode with him which hits the channel on 20th October”.

“Jaya did give me the best birthday gift of life and that was beautiful kids like Shweta and Abhishek. As for Aishwariya and Abhishek’s to-be child, let’s talk about this when the stork delivers”.

“My dad has given me some immense gifts and memories for sure……..but main aapko kyon bataon”.

Wishing the Superstar good health, peace and prosperity.