Mud-slinging gossip floating about Anurag Kashyap

Every great director has a back-lash coming his way once he is successful. Being a strong supporter and ardent fan of Anurag Kashyap’s films, it’s hard to accept the unsavoury and malicious gossip circulating about him. Read on, and you will realize there is no truth to it.

It is him who has been proclaiming this from every available forum. A few years back while imparting valuable and treasure-worthy gyan to a film festival crowd he disclosed this important guru-mantra. He repeated the same thing again in one of the sessions on the second day of FICCI Frames 2012 that was also addressed by the other ‘new-age’ star directors of Bollywood Imtiaz AliZoya AkhtarDibakar Banerjee, and Amol Gupte.

Kashyap’s modus-operandi is very simple. He tells his producers the story that they like and goes ahead and makes the film he likes. This probably was the reason Kumar Mangat, the producer of NO SMOKING, believed the film was against the lethal cancer-causing habit. It finally turned out to be Kashyap’s existential magnum opus, incomprehensible and intractable even by a learned film reviewer like the late Nikhat Kazmi. And probably this could be the reason the ace director has not been able to get around Aamir Khan who tends to leave nothing to chance while doing a film and has the meticulous habit of interviewing and hand-picking even his production crew.

Some years back Kashyap had prematurely announced that Aamir would do his Danny Boyle produced film BOMBAY VELVET. It did not happen and the film, according to reports, is finally being made with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. One wonders if Kashyap has some surprises in store for Mr. Boyle too.

Aamir trains for ballet dancing and Parkour for Dhoom3

Ask Aamir to do a film and Mr. Perfectionist will do what not to make his film look just ‘perfect’.

Just few days back we heard, Aamir Khan  is perfecting the art of ballet dancing for his upcoming film DHOOM 3 since he had to stand on his toes in a particular scene of the film.

Now the buzz is that the perfectionist Khan will start training for the death-defying sport Parkour shortly.

A close hand reveals that there is this key sequence in the film that has an extensive shot of Parkour. And Aamir insisted to do the stunt himself.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya DHOOM 3 also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif. The movie is slated to release by Christmas 2012.

Aamir or Shahrukh, who will play BENGALI DETECTIVE in Fox Searchlight’s feature film?

A documentary based on the life of a Kolkata based private detective Rajesh Ji titled BENGALI DETECTIVE, directed by Philip Cox, had created quite a stir in the film festival circuit and Fox Searchlight, the parent company of Fox Star Studios, India, had bought its feature film remaking rights at Sundance 2011.

The news is that Fox Searchlight has handed over the direction duties of the proposed feature film to the British director Stephen Frears who has won Oscar nominations for his films like THE QUEEN, and THE GRIFTERS while D.V. DeVentis will write its script. Both of them have worked together on films like HIGH FIDELITY, and LAY THE FAVORITE.

Now, since the director and the writer are in place, and the script is under development, the casting process will soon be under way and those who wish to take a shot at the title role are advised to get a DVD copy of the original documentary to study the character of Rajesh Ji, and alert their agents abroad.

However, the big question is who can play the title role in the film being made by the distributors of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE? It is almost certain that the director, producers, and distributors of the film will be looking for an actor from the Indian sub-continent, probably a big time star, to lead the cast to get maximum traction from the fast expanding domestic film market of India.

Who will it be? The role has all the ingredients of becoming popular with international audiences and requires an actor in middle ages. The two names that instantly come to mind are Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan. It will be an opportunity for them to play a leading role in an international project and achieve global stardom and acclaim. Last time SRK missed the bus when he refused SLUMDOG MILIONNAIRE that went on to create Oscar history. Anil Kapoor got lucky at that time. SRK will certainly be wiser now, more so because it’s a leading role unlike SLUMDOG…

On the other hand Aamir may also be keen to do a truly world class film helmed by a top of the line director to establish his acting credentials worldwide. He may not admit it but the fact is that his production house has been constantly trying to develop a film that works equally well with global as well as domestic audiences. He had also tasted international fame with LAGAAN ten years ago, which proved to be the big turning point of his life. BENGALI DETECTIVE can be a natural choice for him as a part of his carefully calibrated career strategy and plan.

Should we expect the rivalry between the Khans reaching a new level of intensity over this?

Aamir Khan cries on a chat show

Aamir Khan is an emotional guy, that everyone knows. But the fact came forth recently when Aamir broke down several times during the shoot of his debut TV show tentatively titled ” Mera Bharata Mahaan”.

The shooting for the first episode of his maiden TV chat show was going on which according to a source from the channel tells us, “The shooting of the first episode was quite an emotional affair. Aamir Khan broke down quite a few times during the shoot and had to take breaks to regain his composure. A lot of people in the audience too broke down several times. Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao was there by her husband’s side throughout.”

The source further adds, “Aamir had not met the people beforehand because he wanted to retain spontaneity in the show so his reactions were very natural. The whole atmosphere on the sets was emotional and sombre. The team of the show had been working on the idea for over a year and it all happened very quietly.”

Tentatively titled Mera Bharat Mahaan, the show is expected to be on the lines of Oprah Winfrey’s talk Show.