Product review – CHICCO launches SUN PROTECTION for your Babies



“Your Toddler’s skin is sensitive and needs attention especially during the peak summers. Try to protect your baby’s eyes and skin from direct exposure to sunlight. It is essential to make sure that your baby wears a sunglass along with the predominant part of the body covered with protective layer of sun creams for total protection from UV infrared rays” Continue reading

IG International partners with Camet Trading to bring delicious Peruvian avocados to India


Imports 4,000 boxes of ripe avocados to be distributed in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,
Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Cochin

In its bid to delight Indians by providing them with the freshest and most exotic fruits, India’s largest fresh fruit importer IG international has tied up with Camet Trading, Peru’s leading fresh and processed fruit trader, to import fresh Peruvian avocados to India. Through the first sea shipment of Peruvian Hass avocados, IG International will receive a 40-foot container carrying 4,000 boxes of delicious, creamy, and pulpy avocados, which will be distributed in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Cochin.

IG International’s partnership with Camet Trading marks a major development in India’s rapidly-growing fresh fruit market and further strengthens its position as the domain leader in the space. Camet Trading produces both Hass and Fuerte variants of avocados, and is the No. 4 exporter of Hass avocados in Peru. From a commercial viewpoint, Hass avocados are the most popularly consumed avocados in the world.

Commenting on the first shipment, Tarun Arora, Director, IG International said, “Our vision at IG International is to provide Indians with the freshest and healthiest fruits from around the world. We are therefore thrilled to bring healthy and tasty avocados to the Indian masses through our partnership with Camet Trading. Indians are diversifying their palate when it comes to fruits and vegetables, and are now adding exotic foods like avocados to their daily diets. We envision avocados becoming a staple fruit in Indian households, just like apples and mangoes.”

Considered to be a heart-healthy Super fruit, avocados contain a remarkably high amount of potassium, an electrolyte which protects the body from high blood pressure, strokes, and kidney failure. They are also rich in antioxidants which flush out toxins from the body, restoring it back to good health. Moreover, with their good cholesterol and folic acid content, avocados are considered a super food for pregnant women and babies.

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Mumbai Meri Jaan – AMRITA PRAKASH


What attracted me to Mumbai?

Mumbai has its own individuality. It has a plethora of moods blended with an iconoclastic lifestyle. The city has its own rules and an amazing pace. It is like a whole person in itself. There’s so much to gain from Mumbai, more so from the incredible learnings that are attached to it.
Best thing about Mumbai 

Despite all the odds, the city is forever on the move. It goes through its share of crisis time and again… but Mumbaikars pick up the pieces. The people who abound here get their act together and the city is up and running again in a jiffy.

Mumbai today is

India’s cultural, religious as well as economic focal point. It is a potpourri of a variety of communities and cultures. To top it all, it is a city where more dreams are made and broken.

What I would like to change in Mumbai?

I wish the relocation plans were more successful since they would not only reduce the slums in the city but also provide a better standard of living for the slum dwellers. Also, I wish the people of Mumbai would respect the city and its monuments a little more. Problems like littering and destructive activity on monuments still haunt the city. It would be great if the people came together to make Mumbai an even better place to live in.

Mumbai’s best monument?

This is not really a ‘monument’. But I absolutely LOVE the Haji Ali Dargah. This spot is at its most beautiful during sunset. I could stare at it for hours as the sun goes down. It really fills me with peace.

Compared to other cities, Mumbai is?

exceptionally safe! I can’t think of any other city in India as safe as Mumbai. There are often times I have to return home alone at 3-4am after a shoot. This is something that would be unthinkable in any other city including metropolitans in India.
When away from Mumbai, I miss?

One of my most favourite feelings in the world is feeling warm sand between my toes. And the rhythmic waves crashing against the shore fill me with peace no matter how chaotic life gets. I often spent solitary time completely lost on the beach in mumbai, and fail to realise I’ve been there for hours. After family and home- the beach is what I miss most when away.


To be successful in Mumbai?

You need to stand out and yet fit in. The city does not have time for anyone lulling about and daydream that success will be served on a five-star platter. One needs to be constantly on the move. Threes no time to stop and think. Just keep moving if you want to keep pace with Mumbai.





Earliest memories about Mumbai…

Memories would definitely be of the frequent swims on weekends at the Wellingdon Sports Club with family over akuri eggs, chicken sandwiches, and waffles with honey.

Best thing about Mumbaikars…

The never say die attitude of Mumbaikars with the 24/7 constant ‘on the go’ pulse of the city which not only makes it addictive to an action oriented person like me.

What I hate about Mumbai…

Undeniably the traffic snarls. The fact it takes hours to get from town to suburbs and vice versa. In fact I have over time found a very interesting solution to the same. I call it my ‘happy bubble’ wherein my car windows are rolled up with my a/c on full and my deck on eclectic lounge music and me? Well snuggled up on a tiny pillow catching up on my winks of beauty sleep.

One thing you’d like to change about Mumbai…

Undeniably the corruption and the power hungry attitude of authoritative people who don’t have a peaceful, clean or inspiring soul.

Yours most horrifying moment in the city…

When my cell phone was swiped off and my laptop was hacked into however I did not let it horrify me long as I lodged a prompt police complaint there after and the perpetrators were discovered.

When away from Mumbai…

I am mostly traveling abroad discovering unheard of, quaint islands, or chilling in Singapore spending time with Shaurya (my nephew) along with my sis and bro-in-law, or perhaps in Pune in my villa sprucing bonsais with my dad.

The expression I’ve picked up…

‘Changla Hai” as in will do!

To be successful in Mumbai…

You need to be a go-getter and be ready to earn your success to flaunt it.

Is Mumbai your home?

Well after I finished my junior school at Manchester. I have been pretty much embraced by the city as a Mumbaikar, so it has become home!