KGF Star Yash Prepares For Another Magnum Opus With Shankar on Whopping Budget of Rs 1000 Crore?

The most sought-after actor in the nation without a question is Yash. All eyes are now on his upcoming project after igniting the box office with the magnum opus KGF series. However, there are numerous rumours that Yash has been cast in Shankar Shanmugham’s historical war drama for a significant role. Shankar, who is renowned for his opulence, is apparently aiming to go big with a budget of Rs. 1,000 crores.

There are rumours that Yash and Shankar may collaborate on a high-profile, pan-Indian movie in the interim. The director will probably fund the movie with the help of two or three major producers. According to rumours, Shankar might sign all the major Indian producers, including Netflix and filmmaker Karan Johar, as per Navbharat reports.

The same reports claim that the film will be double Brahmastra’s budget. Ayan Mukerji’s film was produced at Rs 650 crores and Yash’s film is expected to double it!

Yash, Ranbir Kapoor

Yash’s magnum opus will double Brahmastra’s budget

There are numerous rumours claiming that the KGF actor’s Kannada film will also be dubbed into other languages.  Shankar apparently has plans to adapt the novel Velpari by Su Venkatesan for the big screen. The great tribal monarch Pari’s trip and his exploits are serialized in the tale.

Yash’s epic action thriller KGF 2 brought about 1200 crore worldwide. Fans went bonkers for pan-India star Yash’s film.

We don’t have proof of that, but we’re eager to find out how things turn out.