Naagin 6, September 18, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin’s Daughter Reaches Naagmahal, Prathna Meets Tara

Naagin 6, September 18, Written Episode: In today’s episode Prathna aka Tejasswi Prakash is selected for internship at Rudra’s news channel. Pratha doesn’t let Anmol aka Amandeep Sidhu go outside as she is worried for her since today is Laal Chaand night. Professor Jeet realizes that the locust attack is the deadliest enemy plan to destroy the nation and decides to speak to Pratha. Rudra aka Pratik Sehajpal and Pratha get into an argument over the existence of Sheshnaagin. Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal tells Rudra that as a journalist he shouldn’t mock anyone’s beliefs. Rudra asks Prathna to go on an assignment for him. Mahasapera is certain that today Sheshnaagin’s daughter Prathna will turn into a Sheshnaagin on Laal Chaand night. Tara meets Prathna and shows her a path towards her destiny.


Prathna kills a nevla who attacks her while entering Rudra’s office for interview. Mahasapera sees her and tells journalist Vivek that Prathna is a Naagin. Pratha and Prathna save a girl’s life together from an electric shock at Rudra’s office but are unable to see each other’s faces. Mahasapera sees both of them and realizes that their identical faces is proof that Sheshnaagin’s daughter will become Sheshnaagin today itself. Rudra lauds Prathna’s bravery and asks her to be ready for the interview. Pratha collides with Prathna at Rudra’s office as the latter’s interview file drops on the floor and the pages scatter all over. Pratha realizes that the pages fell due to the fan. As she moves to switch of the fan, she steps on one of the pages and Prathna’s hand touches her feet.


Pratha turns to see Prathna but the latter gets called by the receptionist as she is next to be interviewed by Rudra. While going she says thank you Mam to Pratha but both can’t see each other’s faces as they move to the opposite direction. While Pratha leaves with Rishabh and Anmol, Prathna goes inside Rudra’s cabin. As Rudra is about to interview her he gets a call from Anmol. Rudra tries to explain to her that he is in the middle of an interview but she forces him to talk to her. As Rudra speaks to Anmol on phone, Prathna waits patiently for him. As Rudra is done with speaking to Anmol he starts the interview. He asks her why does she want to work in his organization. She taunts him by saying that because he and his company values other people’s time. She tells him that she is impressed by the fact that he never looks down upon anyone. Rudra smiles at her. She tells him that someone else needs the job more than her. Rudra tells her that she should leave that upto him and if the other girl has potential he will definitely hire her. He tells her for now she is hired for a one week internship.



Anmol is getting excited to step outside the house and see the barbeque preparations for the guests. Pratha stops her and tells her nobody can go outside the house today. Anmol asks Pratha if they can take Rudra and his parents for dinner at a restaurant. Pratha refuses and Rishabh tells Anmol that she can’t win over an argument with her mother. He says that Pratha always achieves whatever she wants once she makes up her mind. Pratha says that Rishabh is right, that’s why she would get Anmol married to Rudra. Professor Jeet meets the minister injured by locust attack and realizes that it was an attack devised by enemy against India. She decides to speak to Pratha. Rudra and his family arrive at Gujral house as Anmol sits beside him. Rishabh asks Anmol to sit somewhere else while he sits with Rudra. Rudra’s mother asks Anmol where is Pratha. She tells her that Pratha always prays on Laal Chaand night.


Rudra’s mother gets curious and decides to see Pratha’s prayer. Pratha locks up herself in the room and controls herself by bearing all the pain. She says to herself that neither her nor her  daughter would ever become a Naagin. As Rudra’s mother is about to enter her room, Pratha calls her from behind and tells her that her prayers is already over. As everyone chats at Gujral house Rudra tells Pratha that the girl who helped her in saving the girl at his office looks just like her. As Rudra looks at his mobile phone Rishabh asks him what is so important in the cell phone. He tells him that he is unable to find any interesting story for his channel. He then tells them about the Mahasapera and Sheshnaagin episode. Rishabh tells Rudra that as a journalist he shouldn’t mock people’s beliefs as even Pratha believes in Sheshnaagin. Pratha tells him that he shouldn’t insult the existence of Naagin without knowing much about it. Rudra thinks how can educated people have such beliefs. As everyone gets up to have dinner Rdura calls up Prathna and gives her an assignment. He asks her to interview the Mahasapera tonight. After initially hesitating Prathna agrees and gets the Sapera’s address from journalist Vivek.


As everyone is having food Pratha gets a call from Professor Jeet and he tells her about the locust attack. She tells him that she is happy in her family and both she and her daughter aren’t Naagin. She tells him that she can’t be any help to him. Jeet realizes if Anmol is not a Naagin then Prathna is Pratha’s real biological daughter. Pratha returns to dinner table and insists on Anmol’s wedding with Rudra. Rudra refuses saying he only wants to focus on his career right now. Rishabh gets angry and holds him up by the collar. He scolds him that if he wasn’t serious then why did he used to call Anmol late night. Rishabh tells Pratha that he had already warned her and now Anmol is crying because of Rudra. Rudra tells Rishabh that he considers Anmol only as a friend. As Rishabh is about to hit Rudra, Pratha stops him and asks Rudra’s family to leave. Anmol locks up herself in a room. Pratha gets worried about the fate of Anmol on Laal Chaand night today. Prathna reaches the cave where she is about to meet the Mahasapera.


Tara aka Sudha Chandran meets Prathna and asks her why is she getting rashes on her skin. She tells Tara that this always happens on Laal Chaand night. Tara tells her t go in the straight direction where her destiny awaits. Prathnameets Mahasapera and his disciples. As she begins her interview, Mahasapera tells her that she is a Naagin. He starts playing his flute as Prathna gets uneasy and runs away. Tara goes inside a secret hideout where she tells Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia that Prathna will become Sheshnaagin and will be in their control. Urvashi recalls how Tara saved her by using Ayurvedic herbs after Pratha almost killed her. Prathna reaches Naagmahal as Takshak is delighted to see her and then disaapears. Prathna is amzed to see the portrait of Naageshwari Devi and Shivling. Suddenly, Mahasapera arrives their and starts playing the flute and Prathna loses control. Prathna falls down to the ground as she looks at Mahasapera.


In the upcoming episode, Takshak tells Prathna about the custom of Navratri puja performed by Sheshnaagin every year at Naagmahal. Suddenly, Pratha arrives there.

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