Anupamaa: Vanraj Throws Toshu Out of The House After Kinjal Asks Him ‘Casual Fling Main Karu Toh’ – Check Fans’ Tweets

Anupama written update, September 16: In Anupamaa, the makers tried to show another incident aimed at hitting the patriarchy in a normal Indian household. After confronting her son Toshu about his extra-marital affair, Anupama also reveals the same to the entire family including Kinjal, Toshu’s wife. This irks Toshu who blames his mother for breaking his marriage and ruining his relationships. Kinjal, who has just delivered a baby girl, yells at Toshu for cheating on her while she was carrying their child.

When Toshu tries to defend his actions, Kinjal simply asks him ‘what if the roles were reversed here.’ This makes Toshu go furious and he shouts at her. He tells her that the rules are different for men and women and while men have their needs, women are always supposed to put love above everything else. Later, Vanraj slaps Toshu hard and asks him to not justify infidelity. He tells him that he regrets cheating on Anupama and even back then, he knew that what he had done was wrong and nothing can compensate for that.

Kavya, with whom Vanraj had cheated on his then-wife Anupama, adds to the argument. She tells Toshu that she and Vanraj kept their affair hidden for eight years because they knew they were not doing the right thing and they were in love. Kavya then turns to Rakhi Dave and asks her why she was so adamant about keeping the news of Toshu cheating on her own daughter a secret. Rakhi tells her that she didn’t want to be the reason behind her daughter’s wrecked home and therefore, she also asked Anupama to keep mum about Toshu cheating on Kinjal.


Meanwhile, as shown in the promo of the next episode, Vanraj throws Toshu out of the house. He tells him that this is Kinjal’s house and she shall stay here as she wants but not him who is not even ashamed enough to accept that he has done something wrong. This makes Toshu go berserk and he shouts at Anupama. He tells her that he’s never going to forget or forgive her. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!