Ayan Mukerji Breaks Silence on Brahmastra Receiving Criticism For Writing And Dialogues: ‘It May Have Sounded Better on Paper’

Ayan Mukerji breaks silence on Brahmastra criticism: Brahmastra is a dazzling film with all its VFX, grandeur and the locations it has been shot at. However, most of the viewers have complained about its lazy storyline and dialogues that basically don’t exist. Director Ayan Mukerji is aware of all that criticism and he has acknowledged the feedback. In his latest interview with a daily, Ayan said he has heard about the discourse over the dialogues in Brahmastra and he’s trying to understand all of it.

Speaking to Indian Express, the director mentioned that the critics’ and the audience’s feedback is immensely important to both him and his team. Ayan said he wanted to create the world of a love story and establish that the energy of love is the greatest thing in the world. However, he agreed that the idea looked good on paper and it might not have come out in the same manner to a section of the audience. He added that it’s still too soon to talk about what the film should or could have done considering it’s fresh in theatres and would take time to settle into the hearts of the audience


Ayan said, “OK, so mostly it is the love story. Well, I am observing. The feedback from the audience and critics is very important to shape what we do in the future. I am learning from everything. But today is Brahmastra’s day six in the world, and it is an extremely new beast in the jungle of films. I am waiting for the water to find its level a little bit. The love story was all my desire. To create this idealistic love story in the fantasy world. I thought this would give the film a soul. That the greatest energy comes from within you and the greatest form of energy is when you are in a state of love.”


The director said even the Kesariya song received criticism from a section of the audience who objected to the term ‘love storiyan‘ but after a while, it all went away and people fell in love with the song. “It may have sounded better on paper than it came across to certain people. But, when Kesariya came out, for the first 48 hours all we heard was, ‘Oh God why did they do this with love storiyan.’ But the song continued to be a blockbuster, and nobody talks about it today. So, point noted! But India has a diverse audience,” he explained.

Brahmastra is doing well at the Box Office and is expected to finish its first-week run at around Rs 290 crore gross worldwide. The film’s domestic performance seems unchallenged for the next two weeks in the absence of any other big Bollywood film hitting the screens. What do you think about Ayan’s statement acknowledging the criticism of Brahmastra’s writing? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Brahmastra!