Anupamaa Fans go Furious Over Makers ‘Whitewashing’ Vanraj And Toshu Saying ‘Men Have Needs’ – Check Tweets

Anupamaa written update, September 13: In Anupamaa, things have taken a strange turn as Kinjal and Toshu welcome a baby girl into their lives. While the new mom is still trying to deal with the responsibilities, the new father has come out with weird theories to justify infidelity in marriage. As shown in the latest episode, Anupama confronts Toshu about being in a relationship with another woman while his wife was pregnant. However, he tries to justify his actions and decisions by telling her that he’s a man and he has needs.

Toshu tells her that since his wife was pregnant, he had to make a physical relationship with another woman owing to his ‘needs.’ This leaves Anupama gobsmacked and she asks him what if the roles were reversed. She tells him even women have needs and what if Kinjal had decided to do the same in his absence? Toshu then tries to defend himself by playing the ‘gender card.’ He tells her that he would have either killed himself or Kinjal had she cheated on him with another man. Toshu says, however, Kinjal is a woman and the same rules don’t apply to her.

This irks Anupama more and she tells him that he’s an even bigger misogynist than his father Vanraj Shah who cheated on her and dated Kavya. However, this argument hasn’t gone down well with the fans who think of it as yet another attempt to whitewash Vanraj’s image.


Meanwhile, the fans also believe that even though Rupali Ganguly is a fantastic actor, her performance as Anupama is becoming repetitive with all the melodrama. Many fans have also complained that ever since Anuj Kapadia has recovered from the accident, the makers have not given them enough #MaAn moments. What do you think about the story here? Is Anupama as entertaining as it used to be? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!