Naagin 6, August 13, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Beats up Mehek, Swayamvar Begins at Naagmahal

Naagin 6, August 13, Written Episode: In today’s episode Mehek aka Maheck Chahal tries to trick Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash and take her to the secret room where Shakti aka Simba Nagpal awaits her. Pratha and Mehek finally have a face off in their Sheshnaagin and Naagin forms. Pratha and Mehek are determined to win Sheshnaag’s Swayamwar as Pratha doesn’t want Mehek to participate in the Swayamvar. Shakti feels cheated by Mehek again. Pratha still can’t get over Rishabh’s death. Pratha wants to punish Mehek for betraying her in-spite being an elder sister.

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Mehek convinces Rishabh’s family that Rishabh’s last wish was that his property should be given to Mehek. Mehek takes Shakti’s help who dresses up like Rishabh to say the same in a recorded video. Ritesh and Rehan plan to expose Mehek in front of the family so that everyone knows she is Sheshnaagin. Sheshnaag plans his Swayamwar where both Pratha and Mehek are invited. Pratha and Mehek are all set for a face-off to compete at the Swayamwar.

Pratha Transforms Into Sheshnaagin

Mehek is enjoying at her birthday party and telling everyone that she is fulfilling Rishabh’s wish. She tells the guests that Rishabh told her to remain cheerful and dress beautifully even after his death. Rishabh picture at the party falls but Pratha catches it. Pratha gets emotional looking at Rishabh’s picturte. Mehek comes to Kiara and tells hr she would show her the secret room. Mehek takes Kiara to the secret room where Shakti is waiting for her hiding behind. When moonlight falls on Kiara her Naagin form is revealed. Mehek locks her up realizing she is Pratha. It is later revealed that Pratha had sent another Naagin in her place. Shakti feels cheated by Mehek again. When Mehek is alone inside the house Pratha comes in her Sheshnaagin form and freezes all family members except Mehek when they enter the hall. Pratha then beats up Mehek till she falls on the ground. Pratha tells her she can’t be forgiven for breaking her trust in-spite of being a sister. Mehek later tells Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia about Pratha.

Mehek Wants to Become Sheshnaag’s Wife

Mehek decides to participate in Swayamvar of Sheshnaag to become more powerful than Pratha. She reads the Sheshnaag manual where it is written that Sheshnaag’s wife can be an ordinary Naagin as well. It is also mentioned that Sheshnaag’s wife becomes more powerful than Sheshnaagin. As Mehek arrives outside Naagmahal Pratha beats her again as she falls down to the ground. When Sheshnaag comes outside, Mehek pleads him to save her. Sheshnaag tells Pratha every Naagin including Mehek has the right to participate in Swayamvar as per the rules of Naaglok. Mehek defeats all the participants and then thinks she will have to fight Pratha again. Pratha tells Mehek that she will have to fight Nashika who is most venomous Naagin. She also warns her that looking in her eyes people become stone objects. Pratha later recalls how she conspired with Sheshnaag about the Swayamvar to trap Mehek. Nashika starts beating up Mehek inside the secret red room as she feels helpless. Pratha feels happy that Mehek will finally pay for her sins.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode.

In the next episode it is revealed that Pratha was tricked by Mehek as the latter disguised as Sheshnaag. Mehek tells Pratha that her daughter is still alive. Mehek and Urvashi take Pratha to a cave where they trap her through treachery.

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