Anupama Kisses Anuj Kapadia And Surprises Everyone, #MaAn Fans Crush Over Anuj’s Reaction – Check Tweets

Anupama kisses Anuj Kapadia: The Anupamaa fans are over the moon after the latest episode today. Following the great showdown at the Shah house with Pakhi insulting her mom, the Kapadias finally had a sigh of relief. In a beautiful moment today, Anuj and Anupama spent some quality time with Choti Anu which led to an impromptu romance. As the kid fell asleep, Anupama ended up putting a sweet kiss on Anuj’s cheek, leaving him totally surprised.

The #MaAn fans have now taken over Twitter to celebrate this lovely moment between their favourite couple. As Anupama blushes hard, Anuj goes on to cherish the moment in which his wife chose to express her love. The fans too are busy cherishing the same moment with tweets about #MaAn love. Check out a few here:

Anupama and Anuj Kapadia have been going through a rough phase in their lives with Shahs not rising above their toxicity. With how Pakhi breaks Anupama’s heart, the latter feels devastated and Anuj vows to never let her enter the Shah house again where she has been constantly harassed and insulted for all she has done for the entire family.

In the upcoming Maha-Saptah, Anuj will suffer from paralysis, shaking Anupama’s world and providing a big twist to the storyline. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!