Anuj Kapadia Calls Bapuji ‘Bhishma Pitamah’, Gets Standing Ovation From #MaAn Fans | Anupama Written Update, August 2

Anuj Kapadia calls Bapuji Bhishma Pitamah: After the big showdown at the Shah house, Anupama finally left the toxicity and broke all ties with the members of her family. However, what really impressed the fans of the show is how Anuj Kapadia showed the mirror to Bapuji, who always supported Anupama but never really reprimanded anyone insulting her.

Twitter is flooded with posts from the #MaAn fans appreciating Anuj for doing something that was long pending. Even though Bapuji is one of the most supportive people in Anupama’s life but he could never garner the courage to shush his son Vanraj when he would question her character or stop his wife Leela from being misogynist. In the Tuesday episode, when Bapuji asks Anuj if Anupama won’t even come to even see him, Anuj tells him, “Is kauravo ki is sabha me… Bhishma pitamah banke reh gaye bapuji… kanhaji kabhi bann hi nai paye… (sic).”

The #MaAn fans, who celebrated Anuj’s swag a day before as he threw truth bombs on the Shahs, are now going gaga over how he made Bapuji realise his ignorance and absence on the days when these qualities were needed the most.

Check the reaction of the #MaAn fans after the latest episode of Anupamaa:

Meanwhile, as shown in the promo, Anuj Kapadia is going to suffer from paralysis and his family – Barkha and her husband – will blame Anupama for the same. Choti Anu and Anupama will swear to take care of Anuj and help him stand back on his feet. How will this whole track bring a new twist to the story is something that’s yet to be seen. Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!