Naagin 6, July 31, Written Episode: Pratha Vows to Avenge Rishabh’s Death, Mehek Realizes She is Not Sheshnaagin

Naagin 6, July 31, Written Episode: In this episode it is revealed that Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal has died in the fire. Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash learns about Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia and Mehek’s wicked plan. Shakti is still obsessed with Kiara. Mehek aka Maheck Chahal plans to conquer the world by getting Lord Shiva’s blessings on Nagpanchami.


Urvashi saves Kiara from Shakti by attacking him from behind. As Shakti faints, Kiara transforms into Mehek. Gauri learns about Shakti’s secret but is attacked by Mehek. Pratha tries to kill Rishabh but is unable to do so as she still loves him. She accuses him of killing her baby and betraying her as he goes speechless. Gauri dies in front of Pratha hinting at Rishabh’s lookalike. Rishabh’s room is engulfed in fire and everyone tries to save him.

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Pratha is Shocked to Learn About Rishabh’s Death

As Kiara and Rajesh Pratap’s wedding rituals are over, it is revealed that the person who died in the fire was Rishabh. Rishabh’s whole family breaks down but Pratha is not allowed to see him as Divya tells her that a new bride shouldn’t look at dead body. While Rishabh’s dead body is being taken away for postmortem, Pratha recalls her intimate and romantic moments with Rishabh they shared as a married couple. Pratha disguises as Mehek and goes to Urvashi’s room. Urvashi thinks she is Mehek and confesses that she and Mehek planned everything for Rishabh’s money. Urvashi also admits that they were able to betray both Rishabh and Pratha by creating misunderstanding with their wicked trick. Pratha goes inside her room and breaks down. When Rajesh aka Vishal Solanki comes to see her, she tells him how Urvashi and Mehek backstabbed everyone.

Rajesh is in Love With Pratha

Rajesh, who has fallen for Pratha gets drunk as he can’t bear the fact that Pratha still loves Rishabh and he was a noble man. Rajesh’s sister Divya tells him that his wedding with Kiara is fake and it is only meant to save their ancestral haveli. Urvashi gets Shakti out of the jail and again locks him inside the secret room. She warns him that she is the one who got him out of the jail so he must obey her command. Urvashi tells Shakti that she is far more cleverer and stronger and knows how to control an animal like him. Mehek pretends to cry in front of Rishabh’s photo while Reem aka Gayathri and Ritesh aka Abhishek Verma eat chips. Rajesh, Kiara and Divya arrive at Rishabh’s mourning while Shakti looks at Pratha thinking her name is Deepika Padukone. A woman comes to Mehek and hugs her while she cries. The lady whispers to Mehek that Sheshnaagin must be present on Naagpanchami night. Pratha overhears the conversation.

Mehek Realizes She is Not Sheshnaagin Anymore

Mehek tells Urvashi that on Naagpanchami the God of snakes, Takshak arrives and on the auspicious day Lord grants any wish to the Sheshnaagin. Mehek plans to ask for kingdom over the world. Rishabh’s father asks Mehek to stay for Maha Mrityunjai path but she tells him that she has to go to the temple. Mehek arrives at Nagmahal and performs Tandav to please Lord Shiva. She then tires hard to get into the door that grants the wishes to Sheshnaagin but she gets an electric shock every time while touching the door handle. Pratha transforms into Mehek and sits at the prayer ceremony for Rishabh. Mehek realizes she isn’t Sheshnaagin anymore ad has lost all her powers. Pratha takes a pledge after the prayer is over to avenge Rishabh’s death and betrayal from Mehek and Urvashi. Pratha goes to Naagmhal and declares she will ask for Rishabh’s life from Lord Shiva as a boon on Naagpanchami.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode

In the upcoming episode Mehek comes to know Kiara is Pratha and the real Sheshnaagin. She plans to get her killed with Yeti’s help.

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