Anuj Kapadia Throws ‘Truth Bombs’ on The Shahs Before Going to Coma, #MaAn Fans Clap Hard | Anupamaa Written Update, Aug 1

Anuj Kapadia throws truth bombs: After the latest episode of Anupamaa, the #MaAn fans are in awe of Anuj Kapadia and how he simply did his best to end the toxicity of the Shah family against his wife. As shown in the Monday episode, Anuj dropped ‘truth bombs’ in front of the entire Shah family. He reminded Vanraj that he came to the rescue and provided them with the loan when the Shah house was going to be sold. Anuj showed the mirror to Toshu and reminded them about how he decided to shun his own unborn child when he got to know about Kinjal’s pregnancy. He moved to Baa and took her back to the days when she was not accepted by her family following the Bapuji episode and it was Anupama who helped get her respect back in the family.

While Kavya and Kinjal continued to make everyone understand how this family will only suffer without Anupama, Pakhi, Baa and Vanraj remained adamant about insulting her. Later, Anuj told Anupama to break her ties with the Shah family. Anupama, who sobs hard, tells Anuj that she will make a graceful exit and she needs a few minutes alone with her family. Anuj tells himself that he never had a real connection with the Shah family but whatever bond he had built, he is going to leave it here and now as he moves on. This I-give-a-damn attitude by Anuj Kapadia is winning the hearts of the audience.

Check out how the #MaAn fans are reacting to Anuj’s swag as he exits the Shah house after throwing truth bombs:

Meanwhile, as shown in the promo, Anuj is soon going to go in a comma, leaving Anupama to deal with the problems on her own. Choti Anu, their foster daughter is Anupama’s next best support and it will be interesting to see where this mother-daughter bond goes from here! Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!