Rajeev Sen Expresses Concern Over Charu Asopa And Daughter Ziana’s Health Amid Separation Reports

Rajeev Sen Concerned About Charu Asopa And Daughter Ziana: Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev’s marriage with Charu Asopa went on the rocks in its very first year. Rajeev and Churu’s differences went rife over media speculations that all was not well in the couple’s paradise. Rajeev recently uploaded a vlog on YouTube after his return to Mumbai from Delhi for some important meetings. Rajeev opened up on meeting his daughter Ziana and shared that she was extremely happy to see him and he could see the joy in her eyes. He also lauded Charu for taking ‘great care’ of their baby daughter. Ziana is currently recovering from hand-foot and mouth disease. Charu had earlier spoken about heading the legal way for separation from Rajeev Sen in her vlogs.

Check out Rajeev Sen’s Vlog on meeting with Ziana:

Rajeev says in his recent video, “I met Ziana in the morning. She was very happy to see me. I went mad out of joy on seeing her. She has obviously lost a lot of weight because as you guys know she has not been well. But touchwood, she is now much better. Charu has taken great care of her, I must say. Both mother and daughter have lost weight, which I noticed. But the doctor is saying Ziana is recovering well. It’s a matter of a few more days till she starts eating proper food again. It’s a little difficult to swallow with zits inside. But well, she’s much better now.”

While Charu has accused Rajeev of being an emotionally ‘unavailable father,’ the latter has blamed her for always playing the ‘victim card.’

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