Vidya Balan’s Cheeky Reaction to Ranveer Singh’s Nude Photoshoot And FIR: ‘Aankhein Sek Lene Dijiye…’

Vidya Balan on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot controversy: Ranveer Singh continues to garner support and love from his colleagues in the film industry after his nude photoshoot for a magazine created an uproar on social media. On Thursday, Vidya Balan was present at an event where she was asked to react to the outrage the shoot has received so far. The actor, who is known for her solid performances on screen, said one shouldn’t look at the photos if that is outraging their standards of morality.

Vidya was spotted at the Fatka Marathi Cine Awards when a journalist asked her to comment on Ranveer’s pictures and she jokingly said that even women should have something to look at and enjoy. She said, “Arre kya problem hai? Pahli baar koi aadmi aisa kar raha hai, hum logo ko bhi aankhein sek lene dijiye na.”

Vidya Balan’s million-dollar reaction to the FIR against Ranveer Singh for nude photoshoot

When prodded further on the FIR against the Bajirao Mastani actor, Vidya called out the people who would take such measures for nothing. She said those who have a problem with the photoshoot should simply stop looking at it because that’s the easier way than opting to file for an FIR. “Maybe they (people who filed the FIR) don’t have much work to do, hence they are wasting their time on these things. If you don’t like it, then close the paper or throw it, do what you wish to. Why get into an FIR?” she said.

It all began last weekend when Ranveer simply broke the internet by dropping pictures from her latest photoshoot with the international magazine PAPER. In the photos, the actor could be seen posing in nothing but his birthday suit while lying on an expensive Turkish rug. A few days later, an FIR was filed with the Mumbai Police by an NGO alleging that the photoshoot has ‘hurt the sentiments of women in general and insulted their modesty through his photographs.’

While the photoshoot became a national issue with debates and discussions on TV channels, another complaint was lodged against Ranveer in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur area on Thursday. Ranveer is yet to react to facing these FIRs.