Rakhi Sawant Gets Honorary MBA, Calls Herself Doctor, Netizens Crack up – See Hilarious Reactions

Rakhi Sawant Gets Honorary MBA: Rakhi Sawant on Friday featured in yet another unique and sensational video where she gets honorary MBA. Rakhi’s reaction after getting the honorary title went viral and the internet can’t keep calm. Rakhi, after receiving the MBA degree said in the video that she is now Dr Rakhi Sawant. Actor Arjan Bajwa who is seen in the video along with her said he would like to be Rakhi’s patient. In no time netizens went berserk and started commenting on the viral clip. Rakhi’s video got overwhelmingly hilarious reactions from social media users. Rakhi says in the clip, “Main MBA hogai hu, Dr Rakhi Sawant (Now I am an MBA, Dr Rakhi Sawant.”

Check out Viral Bhayani’s Instagram video:

Rakhi And Arjan Bajwa Trolled

Arjan who stands beside her jokingly states, “I am her patient and have come to her. Congratulations. Dr Rakhi Sawant.” Rakhi then replies, “Now I will do such an operation on him that even Munna Bhai will fail. One won’t be able to find his lungs or heart. I will eat up his heart.” Both Arjun and Rakhi were trolled by netizens as the latter wasn’t corrected by Arjan in the video. A netizen quizzed Arjan, “MBA who became a doctor. What pill are you on, Arjun?” A user commented, “Advance me maar jayega patient (the patient would die in advance).” Another person added, “Agar ye doctor hai to mai pradhanmantri hu (if she is a doctor, I am the Prime Minister).” A netizen also wrote, “I am the prime minister from a different galaxy, had come on Earth to see this.” A comment also read, “Ye duniya ab rehne layak nhi bachi (this world is not worthy living).”

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