BTS ARMY Says ‘J-Hope is The Palette,’ as Jung Ho-seok Opens up on Lollapalooza Setlist on IU’s Palette

BTS ARMY Says ‘J-Hope is The Palette’: BTS’ J-Hope is on a roller coaster with his upcoming Chicken Noodles Soup performance with Beck G at Lollapalooza live event. ARMY who is mesmerized by the singer’s solo album Jack In The Box hailed his appearance on IU’s Palette. The BTS star recently appeared on South Korean singer-songwriter Lee Ji-eun aka IU’s Palette and spilled the beans on Lollapalooza setlist. The K-pop fans were treated with a 43 minutes of their favourite artists in the episode titled ‘j-hope In The Palette.’ IU commenced her interaction with J-Hope as she stated, “Since this is our first conversation, I thought we’d start with some small talk and found things we have in common.” The K-pop singers turned out to be fans of the 2000s band ‘g.o.d’ and also shared common love for mint chocolates.

IU’s special segment saw the singer duo performing at other’s songs. While IU featured on J-Hope’s ‘= (Equal Sign)’ from Jack In The Box and J-Hope joined IU on her A Flower Bookmark track Pierrot Laughs at us. J-Hope also taught a simple dance step to IU while they performed Pierrot Laughs at us. J-Hope also came up with his groovy performance with Safety Zone. BTS’s ARMY and IU fans came up with overwhelmingly berserk reactions to the viral episode. A fan tweeted, “J-hope in the palette!” Another netizen wrote, “#JHOPE + #IU = TALENT.” A user also commented, “#EqualSign is officially one of the best songs! #jhope and #IU singing it just made it sweeter!”

Check out the ARMY and IU fan reactions:

J-Hope is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer. He made his debut as a member of South Korean boy band BTS in 2013. is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and actress. Her debut mini album was Lost and Found.

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