Prem Chopra Breaks Silence to Death Rumours: Somebody is Deriving Sadistic Pleasure

Prem Chopra Death Reports: Veteran actor Prem Chopra has been making headlines for his fake death news. A rumour was surfaced on the internet about the alleged death of Prem Chopra. However, the actor himself dismissed the rumours and also asked his fans to act responsibly. As soon as the fake reports were out, Prem Chopra’s family, friends and fans went in shock. Clearing the rumours with E-Times, the actor confirmed he’s absolutely fine. “This is sadism, what else! Somebody is deriving sadistic pleasure in wrongly informing people that I am no more. But here I am, talking to you, absolutely hale and hearty”, Prem Chopra told the portal.

Prem Chopra revealed he received numerous calls from his friends.”Rakesh Roshan called me. Amod Mehra (trade analyst) called. I wonder who did this to me. Also, I must tell you that someone did a similar thing with Jeetendra, my close friend. That happened about four months ago. This needs to stop- and immediately,” a disappointed Prem Chopra told the portal.