Swara Bhasker Speaks on Ranveer Singh Facing FIR For Nude Photoshoot: ‘Foolishnes…’

Ranveer Singh nude photoshoot controversy latest update: Swara Bhasker calls out the protests and criticism coming Ranveer Singh’s way for his nude photoshoot. The actor took to social media on Tuesday and commented how people filing complaints against the actor have no other work to do in life. Swara tweeted, “Unbelievable foolishness and unemployment is rampant in our country (sic).”

The popular Bollywood actor is known for calling spade a spade. Swara also spoke out when the meme-fest initially began after Ranveer posted the photoshoot on social media. The actor spoke against the criticism that the actor received on social media. Her post in support of the actor read, “Daily cases of injustice and oppression in India, but sure… our outrage is reserved for Ranveer Singh’s photos! I mean, seriously… don’t like it, don’t look at it! Not your cup of tea, don’t drink it! But don’t ‘thopo’ your preferences on us! And no, this isn’t a moral issue!”



Ranveer has garnered unanimous support from the film fraternity. His friends and colleagues from Bollywood including Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, John Abraham and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri have spoken in favour of the actor’s choice and confidence.

While talking to Aaj Tak on Tuesday, The Kashmir Files director said that the FIR against Ranveer is ‘stupid.’ He added that it reflects the conservative mindset of those who are creating outrage over it. He said, “It is a very stupid FIR. This is such an amusing case which is getting the attention without any reason. It is written in the FIR that the sentiment of women is being hurt. Now tell me, when there are so many nude pictures of women, does it hurt the sentiments of men? This is such a stupid argument. The human body has always been appreciated in our culture. I would say that the human body is the most beautiful creation of God. What’s wrong with that? I do not like such things. It shows very conservative thinking which I do not support.”

What are your thoughts on the entire criticism Ranveer has received for his nude photoshoot?