Anupamaa Rupali Ganguly Hugs Son Rudransh As He Returns From School, Calls It Her Favourite ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’- Video Viral

Anupamaa fame Rupali Ganguly, who is quite active on Instagram, has shared an adorable video with son Rudransh which is too cute for words. In the video, Rupali can be seen giving a tight hug to son Rudransh as he comes from school and gets happy to see him back home. Calling it her ‘favourite Jadoo Ki Jhappi’ in the caption of the video, Rupali says it’s the best thing when a mom gets a hug from their kids. However, there’s a twist in the tale as later Rudransh brings out his plate and says he is hungry and Rupali feels sorry for it. The background music ‘Paas aane ka acha bahana hai’ is also added to the video.

Sharing the adorable video, she wrote in caption: “A hug any time of the day as a mother is priceless! But this one may have a reason behind it… Watch till the end and all the mothers out there tell me if you related to it #MyFavJadooKiJhappi.”

Watch below:

On a related note, Rupali’s show Anupamaa’s fans are upset, confused and are preparing themselves for the worst after the latest promo of Anupamaa. As shown in Tuesday’s episode, Anupama is going to lose everyone in her life, even Anuj and that’s exactly what is troubling the #MaAn fans.

In the big promo after the latest episode, Anupama goes berserk as she sees everyone going away from her. Towards the end of the promo, even Anuj takes away his hand and vanishes, leaving Anupama crying for help alone. This has broken the fans’ hearts on social media who are now busy predicting the upcoming twist in the show. In the previous few episodes, the makers gave several hints about Anuj Kapadia’s exit with his photo frames being broken and he suddenly highlighting his absence from Anupama’s life in conversations.