123mkv Is Illegal, Has Viruses Hence Don’t Access, So What If It Gives Full HD Format Stuff For Free

123mkv: Just how badly we want to watch the latest movies, TV shows, and OTT web series is evident from the fact that by hook or crook we just want to grab our favorites by any means, fair or unfair.

Come on peeps, agree to it that some time or the other, or maybe most of the time, we have resorted to unfair means for the same! Remember the good old Torrent with the magnet link and other features? Does it ring a bell?

Torrent and 123mkv

Talking about Torrent, it has been reported that it has a very funky and popular website by the name of “123mkv” with several domains for downloading pirated movies for free. Obviously, 123mkv website promotes piracy and it is an illegal act punishable by the law. There have been numerous instances when we had a brush with Tamilrockers, one of the most “ro(sho)king torrent websites for illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

What is 123mkv?

123mkv is a family to TR from where users can download movies in Hindi, Tamil, English, and web shows for free in high quality, but it is “illegal in India” and thus an illegal website as of yet. Now, this illegal website leaks the latest movies even before their original release date. No wonder 123mkv website is blocked by the Government of India. So, if you access it you can be punished under the copyright and other laws as it contains pirated content. So don’t do it, skilly!

123 mkv and virus (3 Idiots wala Virus nahin)

Another word of caution, there are chances that users experience viruses, and their devices like mobiles, laptops, or tablets might get damaged or the data in the devices might get affected.

Multi-lingual torrent website

123mkv is a torrent website that lets users download pirated movies online. Users can download Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and other language movies in high quality from the 123mkv website, which is illegal in India.

Why 123mkv is so popular?

123mkv is among the renowned torrent websites that give users a chance to download pirated movies online in full HD format. The website is illegal in India and downloading movies from the 123mkv website can cause damage to the devices of the users apart from the legal aspect.

Is it safe or legal to use 123mkv?

The 123mkv movies download website contains pirated content hence illegal in India. The website does not have a permanent URL and its domain name keeps changing. Moreover, the 123mkv website is not safe to use because of piracy issues. Also, the website jeopardizes the safety credentials and personal data of the users.

Which movies are available on 123mkv?

Users can download movies of genres like action, comedy, drama, romance, Sci-Fi, and more from the 123mkv website. Movies are available from different platforms like Hollywood, Bollywood, and more on 123mkv.