‘My Pallu…’ Actress Ketaki Chitale Alleges Police Assaulted Her in Custody, Narrates Ordeal

Marathi actor Ketaki Chitale, who was arrested for allegedly insulting NCP chief Sharad Pawar in comments, revealed on Tuesday that NCP members had abused her while she was in police custody. According to her, she was unjustly taken from her home and imprisoned without an arrest warrant or prior notification. The actor claimed that she was assaulted and beaten. She criticized the MVA government for abusing its power against her.

Ketaki Chitale on her treatment in police custody

Ketaki told CNN News 18 in an interview, “I was just picked up, taken into custody. Then the custody changed hands. From Kalamboli I was given to Thane police custody. And I was beaten up by NCP females who were there. They were a mob of about 20 people along with reporters. Of course, reporters did not harass me. But they (NCP workers) threw colour at me. They say it is ink, but it wasn’t ink. It was that toxic black colour, which is extremely harmful to our skin. They threw that colour at me, they threw eggs, while in police custody. What was the police doing, inside the police compound? It is illegal, unlawful.”

Ketaki Chitale was harassed in police custody?

She added, “Not only me being attacked, harassed, beaten, molested…I was molested, you know…My pallu fell down. I was wearing a sari, my pallu fell down, someone tripped me over, hit me, hit my right breast, and when they hit me, I fell into the police car, and so my sari went up, my pallu fell down…And, OK, I understand you are angry or whatever it is, but being a female they are molesting another female. Are these people who should be representing us in future?”

Ketaki Chitale arrested for her social media post

The Thane police detained Chitale on May 14 after she shared a Facebook post that allegedly made derogatory remarks about Pawar and hinted at doing so. The offense was reported under section 153A (promoting animosity between various groups on the basis of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc.), section 505 (2) (statements conducting to public mischief), section 500 (defamation), and section 501 (printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory).

Ketaki Chitale added that her battle was still ongoing. She told the same portal, “In the end truth wins. I have suffered and I am not going to let it go.”

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