Rakhi Sawant Says She Will Give Birth to ‘Messiah’ After Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy News: ‘Shaadi Se Pehle…’

Rakhi Sawant Says She Will Give Birth to ‘Messiah’: Rakhi Sawant surely knows how to contribute to B-town’s hot gossip through her sensational statements and unique fashion choices. Rakhi, who recently declared her knew stand on not exposing cleavage since her relationship with boyfriend Adil, opened up on pregnancy and motherhood. Rakhi spoke recently to ETimes about her desire to be a mother and then joked with the paparazzi that these days most people get married post pregnancy. Rakhi said she will get married the very next day she gets pregnant. She, however, stated that it is a sin to get pregnant before marriage as it is against Khuda (God).

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Rakhi Sawant on Marriage and Motherhood

Rakhi was answering the paps when questioned in context of Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy and her future plans to start a family. Rakhi was quoted saying. “Main Kab Banungi….Meri zindagi mein kab khush khabri aayegi? Shaadi se pehle bhi aaye toh don’t worry…jaise hi khush khabri aayegi mein dusre din shaadi kar lungi. Aisa hota hai na aaj kal. But woh gunaah hai, khuda ki khilaf…baap re, nahi baba!(When will I become a mom? When will good news come in my life? Even if it happens before marriage I’ll get married the very next day. These days most people do the same, isn’t it? But that is sin against Khuda, no! I will give birth to a messiah who will set everyone straight.”

Rakhi Sawant shot to fame with Bigg Boss Season 1 and has appeared in several Hindi and regional language movies. Rakhi was also a challenger in Bigg Boss 14.

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