BTS ARMY Questions HYBE’s Silence Over Kim Taehyung-Jennie’s Dating Rumours: ‘Not a Single Statement’

BTS ARMY Questions HYBE’s Silence: BTS ARMY has recently reacted to the dating rumours involving Kim Taehyung and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating rumours and questioned the silence of HYBE regarding the same. BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s photos from Jeju Island were circulated online as the snapshot was assumed to be that of the K-Pop stars. Jennie’s talent management group, YG entertainment had responded to the same saying that had nothing to say and would update if there was any other response. HYBE, on the other hand, has stayed silent and didn’t dish out any statement. ARMY has accused HYBE of defending RM’s marriage rumours but not speaking up when it came to V aka Taehyung.

HYBE Clarified RM Marriage Rumours

RM got into a controversy that happened to be his alleged marriage scandal. RM was to tie the knot with a fan whom he met at a fan sign during 2014-15, according to reports. HYBE was quick to issue clarification on the rumours that spread like wildfire. HYBE issued a statement stating the rumours were untrue and that they are taking action against the malicious claims.

ARMY Slams HYBE Over Silence

HYBE has always been swift with its responses to such dating rumours in case of any BTS member. However, the lack of response on Big Hit’s part has left ARMY wondering why didn’t HYBE respond before. ARMY accused HYBE of being biased. They said the response is different when it comes to V as compared to RM.

Check out the twitter reactions from ARMY:

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