BTS Jungkook X Charlie Puth: Army Declared ‘Left And Right’ a Massive Hit Already – Check Viral Tweets!

BTS Jungkook X Charlie Puth: People had been yearning for their most recent collaboration since Jungkook and Charlie Puth had previously worked together for a performance of ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore,’ and with ‘Left and Right,’ we finally got it.  On June 23, Charlie shared the news about the music video for the song ‘Left and Right’ on his Twitter. With Jungkook’s voice bringing a unique vocal range, the song is an evolution of Charlie Puth’s pop music style. As they groove to the pop song together, Jungkook and Charlie can be seen radiating charisma in the music video.

Charlie Puth shares the big news on Twitter:

With their unrestricted and lively personalities that complement the upbeat and cool music, Jungkook and Charlie Puth cheerily improve the song’s vibe. Jungkook also uploaded a selfie bearing the date May 29th in conjunction with the ‘Left and Right‘ music video. The identical dress and haircut that he wore in the ‘Left and Right‘ music video were worn by Jungkook in the photo, stunning his admirers with his good looks.

Listen to Jungkook x Charlie Puth’s song here:

The song has already won over the fans. BTS Army has flooded the social media with immense love and admiration for the duo’s latest collab. Their fans trend #LeftandRight with 847K tweets. Their fans call it the best collaboration and have already declared it a hit.

Check tweets here:

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