Urfi Javed Looks Electrifying After Wrapping Herself in Blue Wire, Disappointed Fans Unfollow Her- Video

Internet sensation and actor Urfi Javed who is often seen experimenting with her clothes has created a different outfit with wire this time. Urfi Javed has always taken the odds in her favour and has outshined herself in the most troublesome moments of her life. She was bold enough to run away from her family and become an actress without any support. She looked electrifying in this blue outfit, however, fans trolled her that this is something horrible as an influencer. Urfi wore a blue wire all across her body, can you imagine?

Urfi Javed has been a constant target of trolls for her fashion picks. However, despite the hatred, Urfi Javed continues to wear what she feels like. While sharing the video on Instagram, she captioned, “Yea this is wire! Also, there was no cutting of the wires!! I think this looked bomb!! I think I’ll be trying different Colors as well! For me fashion is all about experimenting, creating something, making a statement!”

Urfi Javed’s fashion didn’t go well with the netizens as they said ‘we’ll unfollow her’.

Watch the video shared by Urfi Javed

One of the fans took to her comment section and wrote, “Please give some rope to hang my clothes”. Another one said, “Bechari kapde bhi nhi he”. On follower was so disappointed that he wrote, “unfollow karde kya?”.