Sonu Sood Recalls His Humanitarian Work Makes Co-Stars Jealous

Actor Sonu Sood, who received high appreciation for his efforts during and post-pandemic, revealed that some of the actors in the industry changed the subject when talked about his humanitarian efforts. According to him, many actors in the film industry are better off-camera than on-camera. He used the example of people who phone him to express their gratitude for his efforts and offer their assistance but object when he actually assigned them work. In an interview with The Ranveer Show, Sonu Sood claimed that some of these folks expressly inform him that they can only spare an hour for humanitarian work. The actor has helped migrant workers to their home towns and later moved on to helping individuals in need with their medical and financial needs.

Sonu Sood’s humanitarian work makes his co-stars jealous:

He acknowledged that the admiration he receives not only makes him uncomfortable but also seems to make some of his co-stars jealous. “It has often happened that I find myself around co-stars when people come up to me and praise me for the work I’ve done. I’ve noticed that they suddenly become uncomfortable, and trying to evade the conversation by changing the topic. Which is fine, but encouragement goes a long way. Their pride won’t be dented if they say something nice. They don’t need to scream it from the rooftops, but even if they do it privately, it goes a long way. Nobody does this.”

Sonu Sood extends a helping hand to the needy!


Sonu Sood recalls his co-star’s reaction to his efforts:

The actor recalled his co-star’s reaction to his humanitarian efforts without naming him or her, said, “Some people built a temple in my honour in the South. The director I was working with was watching a news story about it on his phone, and he showed it to me. Just then, the star walked over and asked what we were watching. The director told him, and the star looked into the distance, made some comment about someone’s house over the hill, and slipped away. Even the director was surprised. But I felt it’s okay, because that’s when you realise you’re doing the right thing.”

He did acknowledge, though, that he finds it unusual when individuals show such majesty of spirit in his honor. The actor also discussed the chain of soldiers he has authorized to carry on his charitable work, including the companies he collaborates with and the individuals he has assisted in the past.

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