Manushi Chhillar Answers if Actors Should Speak on National And Social Issues: ‘As Influencers…’ | Exclusive

Manushi Chhillar on Actors Speaking on National Issues: Manushi Chillar, who made her grand Bollywood debut opposite actor Akshay Kumar in the historical epic Samrat Prithviraj recently spoke to Manushi opened up on avoiding gender stereotypes while selecting scripts and her views on objectification of women in cinema. Manushi also talked about how actors are influencers, films inspired by society and vice-versa. Manushi opined that the actors shouldn’t be compelled to speak on national or social issues as an individual’s religious and political beliefs are very personal. Manushi even went on today that actors need to act responsibly in case they choose to comment on sensitive topics.

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Films Are Inspired by Society

Manushi was quizzed about the responsibility that comes being a beauty pageant winner and an actor with regard to avoiding gender stereotypes while giving her nod to a film or character portrayals. Manushi said, “The first thing is actors are influencers for the society if I may say so. But the responsibility of changing the society is not on an actor’s shoulder but on the society itself. Films are inspired by society and society is inspired by films. It’s a mutual two way relationship.”

Manushi Does Not Like Women Being Objectified

Manushi further added, “As someone who is starting out, I don’t think I get to pick and choose everything that I do. I’m building my career right now and I don’t get to sit and decide how a particular script or character should be. But as an individual I do like to keep certain filters when it comes to films. I have not personally enjoyed certain films while growing up where women are out rightly objectified. So, I will never end up signing such films. But I think one needs to strike a balance between the fact that you are an actor and the kind of films you do. In my very first film a choice was made and the very reason why I chose to do it is because it very responsibly speaks about equality.”

Manushi Feels Actors Must Act Responsibly

Manushi, when asked about whether actors should speak on national and social issues stated that, “As I said you can’t put change in society on an actor’s shoulder. But as public figures and influencers there is some level of responsibility. Actors are also individuals and I feel that someone’s beliefs with regard to religion or politics are very personal. It’s a choice if someone prefers to speak on such issues. However, it shouldn’t be something that the actors are compelled to do. In case the celebs choose to do it then they should do it responsibly. I believe if you are at a position where a lot of people are listening to you then you should speak responsibly while commenting on a sensitive topic. Also, whether the stars want to speak on such topics, at least that choice should be left to them.”

Manushi will next be seen in The Great Indian Family opposite Vicky Kaushal according to reports.

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