Anupama-Anuj Kapadia’s First Argument as Married Couple, #MaAn Fans Say ‘Bhalai Isi Me Hai…’

Anupama-Anuj Kapadia first fight: Seems like MaAn fans are all set to witness the first-ever argument between Anupama and Anuj Kapadia after their marriage. After the entire hoopla that took place around Kinjal’s accident, Anuj requested Anupama to stay away from anything that brings Vanraj back to her life and inside her new house. This irked Anupama who told Anuj that she is just trying to maintain her bond with her kids and is not trying to instigate Vanraj in any sense or leading him to destroy their new life. Anuj, who keeps Anupama’s honour and happiness above everything else tried to make her understand that Vanraj will find a hundred ways to cause trouble in their lives and they should try their best to stay away from him.

Anupama, who is feeling guilty about Kinjal’s accident, feels shaken by the idea of staying away from her kids for some time. She tells Anuj that she is just trying to stay close to her kids and take care of their needs. Now, seems like Anupama is walking on a very thin line where she wants to be fully committed to Anuj and his family and at the same time stay loved by her ex’s family. The #MaAn fans though think that it’s finally the time for Anu to leave her past completely behind herself and build a new future with Anuj.

Check out how the #MaAn fans are reacting to Anupama-Anuj’s argument:

Anupama and Anuj look made for each other. They complete each other and together make the strongest couple on-screen. However, it’s only human to have arguments and concerning thoughts. Will Anupama and Anuj be able to rise above this phase soon? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!