Annu Kapoor’s iPad, Cash, Prada Bag Stolen; Actor Warns Indians Against Travelling France – Watch Viral Videos

Annu Kapoor calls France’s train service bakwaas: Actor Annu Kapoor is travelling Europe but his experience hasn’t been as well as expected. In a series of videos that he recently shared online, he is seen expressing that he has had the worst experience in Europe. The veteran actor reveals while he was on a train to Dijon Ville, near Paris, his bag with many valuables and cash got stolen. The bag itself was a valuable possession – a branded Prada. Annu took to Instagram and asked her fans to stay alert if they are planning to travel through France.

The actor added that even though the railway authorities came to help him and he could reach the police to register an official complaint, it was not a very fun experience. In the video that is now going viral, Annu is seen speaking in Hindi: “My Prada bag was stolen, which had a lot of cash in swiss franc and euros, my iPad, my diary and credit card. They stole everything, so whenever you visit France, be very careful as there are pick-pockets, dishonest people and thieves here (sic).”

He then said he at least had his passport with him and that helped him further. In another video that he shared later, Annu talked about the people of France and the culture there. He said that people in the country are proud of their literature, art and French Revolution, however, they are pretty arrogant. “I’ve noticed 50 per cent of the people are very arrogant and snobs,” he said in the viral video in which he is seen standing at the train station while arriving from Paris Gare de Lyon.

He also had a complaint about the interiors of France’s rail service, TGV which is extremely popular. He called the service ‘bakwaas’ and mentioned that the trains don’t even have enough space to keep the luggage. Annu said a person can still carry a backpack along while travelling but there’s no space for the luggage. “Bharat ki rail isse dus guna acchi hai,” he said in his video.

Several people commented on his video and thanked him for sharing his real experience with them. Many fans called France an over-rated tourist place where cases of theft and violence are common while travelling. One user wrote, “Couldn’t agree more. I have been to Paris in 2014. The place is full of aggressive baggers, goons, pick pockets and snatchers. It further worsens during evenings. Stay safe!! (sic).” Another user said, “Looking forward to more real info from you on this super hyped place. Thank you for sharing the reality🌸🙏 (sic).”

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