Kinjal Suffers Miscarriage, Anupama Feels Guilty in Front of Vanraj? | Anupamaa Written Update, June 21

Anupamaa written update, June 21: Seems like another trouble is brewing big for Anupama right when she starts to enjoy some moments of pure happiness with her husband, Anuj Kapadia. As shown in the latest episode, Kinjal, who is pregnant with her first child, might have just suffered a miscarriage. Or at least, the makers have built this big curiosity around the same twist.

Barkha joins the family in having some fun when Anupama’s kids visit her at the Kapadia house. However, she accidentally slips on the cushion which leads to Kinjal tripping down on the floor. Anuj and Anupama rush to the hospital while someone calls Toshu back at the Shah house and informs him about the unfortunate situation. Vanraj, who was already discouraging the kids to visit Anupama and Anuj at their new house, gets furious when he comes to know about Kinjal’s accident. He, along with Kavya, Toshu and Bapuji, reach the Kapadia house only to warn Anuj’s brother Ankush Kapadia and his wife Barkha.

Ankush tries to make Vanraj understand that it was an unfortunate accident and Barkha is too scared herself about the same. Vanraj though tells him that he should pray for Kinjal and her unborn baby. Bapuji tries to meddle in and ask everyone to calm down. Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj come back with Kinjal in a wheelchair. Everyone freaks out seeing Kinjal sobbing hard. Anupama too doesn’t hold back her tears.

It will now be interesting to see how this one accident affects Anupama’s equation with her kids. Pakhi, who is her younger daughter, is already feeling a little attracted to Adhik Kapadia. Pakhi and Adhik’s increasing proximity has become a cause of concern for both Anupama and Vanraj. What do you feel about the current twist in the story? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!