Kannada Actor Swathi Sathish’s Root Canal Surgery Goes Wrong, Suffers Swollen Face And Massive Pain

In a shocking incident, Kannada actor Swathi Sathish looks unrecognisable after her root canal surgery went wrong. The actor, who is famous for her work in films such as FIR and 6 to 6, has suffered a major physical setback after the surgery. It has been reported that the doctor had treated her 20 days before and had asked her that the swelling will be there for two days. But, things have gone out of control now as she still has a fully swollen face, leaving her completely unrecognisable.

Swathi Sathish has accused the clinic of medical negligence and she is said to be considering legal options against the clinic as her work life has gone for a toss. Swathi has films lined up. The actor is receiving treatment for her swollen face from a different medical facility.

The cosmetic procedures can cause life-threatening issues in some cases. Several celebrities and social media influencers have faced the consequences of surgery.