Aishwarya Sakhuja Suffered Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Like Justin Bieber: ‘Went Through Emotional Turmoil’

Aishwarya Sakhuja Suffered Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Aishwarya Sakhuja recently opened up on suffered Ramsay Hunt Syndrome eight years ago. Aishwarya’s revelation has come days after international pop singer Justin Bieber had revealed that he is suffering from the same medical condition. Aishwarya in an interaction with ETimes stated that she went through the cerebellar syndrome while shooting for Main Naa Bhoolungi in 2014. Aishwarya’s husband Rohit Nag, who was her then boyfriend had told her a day prior to a stressful schedule that it seemed as if she was wining at him. Aishwarya’s flat mate, actor Pooja Sharma pointed out to her that she noticed something odd in her face.

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Aishwarya Lauds Her Supportive Team

Aishwarya said that while brushing her teeth she was unable to hold water in her mouth. Aishwarya, however, went ahead with her shooting without caring much about her condition. It was later clear that the actor was suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome when a doctor confirmed that she had facial paralysis and prescribed a brain MRI. Aishwarya said that since her show did not have bank of episodes, she did not stop shooting for it. Aishwarya lauded her team for being supportive and mentioned, “They tried to shoot in a way that half of my face was not visible.”

Aishwarya, however, did confess that she was worried if her face will be back to normal, “because as an actor, my face is everything.” Aishwarya managed to recover in a month, and said she is sure Justin Bieber too will bounce back sooner.

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