Naagin 6, June 18, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Vs Yeti, Urvashi Plans to Destroy India

Naagin 6, June 18, Written Episode: The episode starts with Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash realizing Mehek’s (Mahek Chahal) treachery at the Nagmahal. Mehek admits in front of Lord Shiva that she murdered Pratha’s baby. Pratha listens to Mehek’s horrifying confession and is shocked. Pratha while listening to Mehek from behind gets enraged and tries to get closer to her but is stopped by snakes who are obedient to Sheshnaagin. Mehek also confesses that her grandmother chose Pratha over her, now she has taken her revenge by not only becoming Shehsnaagin but also teaming up with her aunt Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia who was abandoned by her own mother.

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Pratha Vows to Become Sheshnaagin Again

Pratha goes back to the jungle and takes a vow in front of the Shivling and burning pyre that she will return once again as Sheshnaagin. Pratha promises to Lord Shiva that she will avenge her baby’s death and get back all her powers in order to punish her enemies. Rishabh works on his laptop while Mehek sleeps in her bedroom. Mehek wakes up to see Rishabh working on his laptop late night. Mehek asks Rishabh why is he taking so much stress. Rishabh tells her he wants to be the richest man and make so much money that even his father couldn’t earn. Rishabh leaves for a meeting with a client and gives a cold shoulder to Mehek. Urvashi tells Mehek to let him go as she has arranged an appointment with their partners who want to destroy India.

Sheshnaagin Partners With Drug Lords

Urvashi tells Mehek that she wants to destroy the nation by getting drugs inside India’s border. Pratha comes back to Nagmahal and asks Lord Shiva to grant her Sheshnaagin powers as she has been betrayed by Mehek. Farishta arrives and tells Pratha that Sheshnaagin’s powers could only be given back to her if Mehek herself says it three times that she wants to give up her powers. As Mehek and Urvashi are given clearance at the toll booth, the truck carrying drugs behind them is stopped by the police. Mehek transforms into a large snakes and beats up the policemen. Mehek and Urvashi reach their meeting point where Mehek is introduced to Zhang who hates India and has come from Changistan to destroy India. Mehek gets to know from Urvashi that Zhang is obsessed with his son. Zhang however gets to know prior to the meeting that his son is in London and is unable to be at the meeting.

Mehek Must Battle Yeti

Mehek is talking to Urvashi and other family members when she gets a message. Mehek reaches Kailash Parvat where Farishta awaits her. Farishta tells Mehek that she must perform the duty of Sheshnaagin and save Kailash from the upcoming threat. Farishta tells her that Yeti is at Nepal border and is coming to India. Mehek gets to know that only Yeti has the potential to fight Sheshnaagin so he is coming to battle her. Mehek gets scared learning about the might of the giant beast. Mehek tells Urvashi at home that she is terrified. Urvashi tells her she is Sheshnaagin and must not fear even Yeti. Rishabh asks Mehek to accompany her to his business meeting.

Jwala Warns Mehek

Jwala stops Rishabh and Mehek on their way and asks for lift, to which Rishabh agrees. Jwala tells them that she is an astrologer. Mehek asks her to do palm reading. Jwala tells Mehek that in a couple of hours she will be dead, then everything will become peaceful. Mehek starts panicking and tells Jwala to get out of the car. Rishabh assures Mehek that nothing will happen to her. Yeti crosses the Nepal border as his giant footsteps create havoc among humans.

In the upcoming episode Pratha confronts Yeti and tells him she is the Sheshnaagin he is looking for. Pratha is shown getting back her Sheshnaagin powers as she heads to for her vengeance.

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