BTS Leader RM Aka Kim Namjoon Feels ‘Bitter’, Pens Long Note After Hiatus Claims Went Viral

BTS Latest News: There has been a lot of buzz around the K-pop band BTS ‘disbanding’. Speculations have been made on social media that the BTS group will no longer perform as a team and snippets of the members getting emotional during FESTA 2022 dinner are also circulating online. However, that’s not true. It has been cleared by BTS member RM Aka Kim Namjoon, who penned a long letter to address that honesty leads to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Taking to Weverse, RM shared that he has received a lot of messages since the FESTA dinner video came out. The BTS band member noted that there were a lot of keywords such as disband, hiatus, big announcement, etc. in it, and that lead to such reaction. RM confessed it still feels ‘bitter.’

RM’s letter for BTS fans after hiatus claims

RM’s statement reads, “After the broadcast (of the Bangtan Dinner), I got the biggest amount of messages/calls so far since our debut. On seeing the sent screenshots and article titles… “announcement” “disbanding” or “halt on activities” there were quite a lot of keywords that were provoking and fragmented/ incomplete. It’s not that I didn’t know this might happen, neither was I prepared for (these things) but expectedly, it felt quite unpleasant. But nor that I hoped that (people will) leave (their) opinions after seeing the broadcast where we fully cry and wring out our hearts. ‘Bangtan Dinner’ is occasional content that’s not even formal, the day the broadcast went out on June 13th that date’s symbolism too, it was a video that voice solely dedicated to the ARMYs who were together with us for the past 9 years. Of course, there can be reactions from outsiders [of the fandom] that we are making a big deal or talking high and mighty (being successful)… but I don’t know which singer and fandom wouldn’t be this way, but we have constantly come so far sharing the exceptional time of almost 10 years without stopping with our fans, as much as that, the specialness of Bangtan and ARMY very clearly exists.”

“Indeed, it looks like the courage to be honest always ends up in unnecessary misunderstandings and creates disaster. What I wanted to say is that we’re two (individual + group). We spoke as one, and we only shared all those sentiments that poured out in the process of that through courage and tears. I believe that if you are ARMYs who know us, you will be generous enough to understand that and not once I will doubt that. What we said in the video is everything,” RM added.

“Though there weren’t times we didn’t quarrel and be sulky, I believe that it’s the trial and error to mature into an adult starting from the social life of our early days. Though I’m afraid that this post will be yet another mess.. or be an act that will fuel the fire of all the existing noises, as the concerned person who spoke the most, I (came to) briefly talk about the main points,” he further added.

RM then concluded by saying that he will show the growth of BTS band and as well as an individual musician, “I will continue to work hard to show you better sides as a team and as an individual as well. Thank You”.