Anupama Written Update, June 16: Anupama Sobs, Anuj Kapadia Quietly Hugs Her – #MaAn Fans Say ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’

Anupamaa written update, June 16: Anupama’s heart was left broken in the latest episode of Anupamaa when Bapuji and her entire family decide to not attend the party any longer. Even after Mrs Mehta apologised to Bapuji for insulting him, Vanraj and Baa told the entire family that they shouldn’t stay up any longer there or else they will face more embarrassment. All of them left the party without eating anything and that troubled Anupama the most. While Anuj Kapadia, the ever-so-supportive husband, stood by Anupama’s side, even he couldn’t stop the Shah family from leaving the premises.

Later, in a heartbreaking conversation, Anupama recalled how she had made food for her family and now they will go back to eat bread-and-butter before sleeping since it’s too late to cook anything. Anuj told her how it’s imperative for the families to feel a certain way and she shouldn’t think of it as the end of the world. However, Anupama kept sobbing and thinking that her Bapuji had to leave without food and that was a big embarrassment for her.

At one point, Anuj even suggested that maybe it will be good on their part if he stays away from his brother’s family. This irked Anupama and she told him that they should never think about breaking up the family. Anuj silently ended the conversation by simply giving a warm hug to his wife. This heart-to-heart conversation between Anuj and Anupama has impressed the audience and here’s how the #MaAn fans are reacting to it:

Anupama might have entered into her new life and is trying to make a new family, but the challenges for her remain the same. It’s good to see Anuj standing by her side always and making sure that the world knows only Anupama’s word matters to him the most. But, is the husband’s love enough for a woman who has spent all her life trying to take care of the members of her family? Can she really look beyond others and focus only on her life and her husband’s? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!