Siddhant Kapoor Speaks For The First Time After His Arrest in Drugs Case: ‘I Was at The Hotel…’

Siddhant Kapoor-Bengaluru Drugs Case Update: Speaking for the first on the drugs charges against him, actor Siddhant Kapoor released an official statement in the media on Wednesday. The actor, who was arrested in Bengaluru on Sunday said he has been cooperating with the police and will continue to do the same. Siddhant, who is the son of veteran actor Shakti Kapoor and brother of Shraddha Kapoor, praised the Bengaluru police in his statement.

The actor, who was recently seen in Chehre alongside Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi and Annu Kapoor among others, added that he just happened to be at the hotel where the police had raided on Sunday. His statement read, “I was at the hotel and there was an investigation going on. I have been cooperating. The Bangalore police have been really good, they are doing a great job. They should continue what they are doing to save many lives (sic).”

Siddhant was released on a bail on Tuesday after he spent the entire Monday under investigation by the Bengaluru police. On Tuesday, he also shared a selfie from the flight as he boarded a plane back to Mumbai. While he has denied all the claims of drug consumption, the police stated that his medical report showed the intake of drugs at the party. “Actor Shraddha Kapoor’s brother Siddhanth Kapoor was detained during a police raid at a rave party in a Bengaluru hotel, last night. He is among the 6 people allegedly found to have consumed drugs,” said the Bengaluru Police.

The police had acted on a tip-off and raided the Park Hotel’s pub in Bengaluru where Siddhant was invited as the DJ. As per the police, 35 guests at the party were found to have consumed drugs including Siddhant Kapoor after the medical test.

The actor’s father also denied the claims of his son taking drugs at the party. In a statement, Shakti Kapoor said that his son was in Bengaluru as a DJ which is his alternate profession but he cannot believe the drugs claims against him. Shraddha, however, has not released any statement on the issue yet.