Pandya Store Actress Simran Budharup Gets Rape Threats From 14-Year-Old, FIR Filed

Pandya Store latest news: Actress Simran Budharup, who is seen as Rishita Dwivedi Pandya, in the popular Star Plus show Pandya Store has received rape threats online. The actress filed a complaint with the police against the trolls who targeted her after her character in the show creates a rift between Raavi and Devi – the lead pair on the show.

Simran spoke about her decision of filing an FIR and making sure that the trolls were being punished. In an interview with ETimes, the actress revealed that she initially tried to ignore the hatred and trolling that she received online thinking that her character is bound to receive hate from the audience. However, the trolling soon turned into harassment and that’s when she decided to take help from the police.

She said, “Initially, I would take all the negative comments lightly because my character was doing things for which she was bound to get disliked. She broke the relationship of Raavi and Dev who were already established characters from Pandya Store, but recently it went haywire when people started abusing and giving rape threats to me on social media. A lot of things were happening.”

She added that she later found out that the people giving her rape threats online were teenagers and therefore, she decided to school them further. Simran said, “That’s when I took a step and I went to the police station and lodged a complaint. These were a group of kids who were around the 13-14 age group.” The actress mentioned that the parents of these teenagers gave them the phone to assist them with education but they were taking advantage of their trust.

“Their parents gave them phones for education purposes but these kids were misusing their parents’ trust. They didn’t know where to draw the line and what was wrong, so they started doing these things,” she told the daily.

Before filing the FIR, Simran had taken to her Instagram stories to share the screenshots of the threats that she was being subjected to. The actress wrote how she was going to take action against people who were trying to harass her online.