Karan Johar Blasts Reports Claiming His Star-Studded 50th Birthday Bash Was Covid Super Spreader, Here’s What He Said!

Filmmaker Karan Johar celebrated his 50th birthday on May 25, 2022 at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. It was a star-studded event which was attended by the crème-de-la-crème of Bollywood including the Khan trio- Shah Rukh, Salman & Aamir Khan along with Ranbir Kapoor, Abhishek-Aishwarya and other popular celebs of the tinsel town. However, days after the party few of the guests who attended the bash tested positive for Covid-19 this led to Karan’s massive trolling and his party was tagged as a massive Covid super spreader by many.

Now, the ace filmmaker has addressed these reports. In an interview to Film Companion, Karan said that it wasn’t just his party that took place during his birthday week but several other events and weddings were also happening.

Slamming the reports claiming that his party was a covid super spreader, Karan told Film Companion: “Now look, not to get technical about it but we don’t know who contracted it when because there was a lot happening that week. Even in the movie industry. There was not the party, there were weddings, there were events, there were shoots, why blame me? Everything, why does it come down to me? I don’t mean to sound like a victim but I do feel marginally victimized. I’m like I have nothing to do with this pandemic, I just want to put it out there. It’s not me. I have no connection with the beginning and the origin of this pandemic. I just want to put it out there so why people wrote what they did, how many people contracted it, did it happen at my party, I’m not saying it, I don’t know”.

Karan further added that it was YRF honcho Aditya Chopra’s idea to host the bash at the YRF studio and the former’s team put the party together. Several videos and pics from Karan’s birthday bash went viral which showed many popular B-town stars having a gala time together.